Kamaraj with Mahatma Gandhi


July 15 Kamarajar Birth day 1903

A noble soul was born with humble beginning and means
In the down South a place called Virudhunagar-in teens
Joined the journey towards Indian freedom with verve
And enthusiasm drawn by Gandhian ideals to serve!

Born on this holy day years hundred and fourteen ago
Proved education not needed to rule and mind alone
Well trained and controlled can do wonders-king maker he was
Could influence the society and the nation in great measure!

In the course of his journey enjoyed imprisonment
A simple Chief Minister he was moved in a rickshaw
From Railway station to home, provided mid day meals
Free uniform and education to the poor and needy-to heal!

2 thoughts on “JOURNEY TO FREEDOM PART 15

  1. Simple, Brave, and courageous leader. He was leader to the poor. He was the king of Educations ! He earned name and fame ! He was the CM in the glorious era.. His HISTORY can not be forgotten. Thanking you sir.


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