I very strongly hold with several thousand that Poets are the Ambassadors of Peace and beyond region and religion, language and sex! Poetry of any genre preaches peace and harmony, joy and happiness, friendship and camaraderie to all those who have an innate love for this world of literature. Poetry gives birth to music which is Divine. Even the trees and plants enjoy music as birds and animals and grow as scientifically proved!
Poets of all ages and nations all over the world have the same frame of mind, views and style, expression and experiences!
Here is a small account that triggered this Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com.
My esteemed viewers are well aware of one of the tallest Tamil Poet- a great nationalist, a tireless patriot who galvanized the society through his poetry – patriotic, religious, social, revolutionary, literary and so on.I have given quite a few of his in the Blog with the original in Tamil, Transliteration and Translation in English and comments in English for the benefit of my great viewers from more than 210 countries of the globe.
Since July 2016 a very popular and nice online Magazine “INDIAN PERIODICAL” has been publishing my articles every week regularly and every article has hundreds of viewers’ and views.

On 8th July the following article was published and it was sent by me to all my poet friends across the globe.
Mahakavi Bharathiyar-“Address to the Lord Yama”
July 8, 2017 5:09 pm•2 comments Views: 182
By N.V. Subbaraman from Chennai, India
The great patriotic, national poet Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar had unbounded patriotism, abundant love for freedom political and more, love for the languages-he was a master of eighteen languages which is not an exaggeration- love for the people and their tradition and culture, infectious ‘optimism’ and fearlessness.
In this issue, we see his beautiful poem on –“Address to the Lord Yama”.
In the Hindu pantheon Lord Yama is the God of Death. He knows when to take away the life of a person born on earth and he does his duty meticulously!
Original in Tamil:
காலனுக்கு உரைத்தல்
காலா! உனைநான் சிறு புல்லென மதிக்கிறேன்; என்றன்
காலருகே வாடா! சற்றே உனை மிதிக்கிறேன் – அட (காலா)
1. வேலாயுத விருதினைமனதிற் பதிக்கிறேன் – நல்ல
வேதாந்த முரைத்த ஞானியர் தமை யெண்ணித் துதிக்கிறேன்-ஆதி
மூலா வென்று யானையைக் காக்கவே – நின்றன்
முதலைக்கு நேர்ந்ததை மறந்தாயோ கெட்ட மூடனே?-அட(காலா)
2. ஆலாலமுண்டவனடி காணென்ற மார்க்கண்டன் – தன
தாவி கவரப்போய் நீ பட்டபாட்டினை அறிகுவன் – இங்கு
நாலாயிரம் காதம் விட்டகல்! உனைவிதிக்கிறேன் –ஹரி
நாராயண னாகநின் முன்னே உதிக்கிறேன் – அட (காலா)
Kaalaa! Unainaan sirupullena mathikkiraen-endran
Kaalarugae vaadaa! Satrae unai mithikkiraen-ada(kaalaa)
1. Vaelaayudha virudhinai manadhir padhikkiraen-nalla
Vaedhaantha muraiththa njaaniyar thamai yeNNIth thudhikkiraen – adhi
Moolaa venru kadhariya yaanaiyaik kaakkavae –ninran
Mudhalaikku naerndhadhai marandhaayoa letta moodanae? – ada (kaalaa)
2. Aalaala mundavanadi saraNenra maarkaNdan – thana
Dhaavi kavarappoay nee patta paattinai ariguvaen – ingu
Naalaayiram kaadham viitagal! Unai vidhikkiraen – hari
NaaraayaNa naaganin munnae udhikkiraen – ada (kaalaa)

Yamaa! I treat you as a trivial grass-
Come near my feet! I shall simply stamp you ! Yah (Yamaa)
Taken I to my heart the award of the Lord
Pray to the saints of yore who gave me sermons –
To save the elephant that cried “oh, my great God”
Do you forget fool Yamaa what happened to your crocodile- yah, (Yamaa)

MarkaNda- who surrendered to the Lord Shiva who gulped Poi
Whose life you wanted to take- your suffering and humiliation
I am aware of- here
Get away four thousand miles! I order you-
I appear before you as Hari Narayana- yah (Yamaa)
This is one of the most beautiful poems of Mahakavi Bharathiyar who chose to challenge the God of Death- YAMA in Hindu pantheon. It is believed by the people that Lord Yama is very powerful. Bharathiyar in this poem describes two mythological beliefs and says that all powerful Yamaa could not succeed on the basis of which the poet challenges Yamaa to come near him and he will simply stamp him under his feet! He also orders Yamaa to go four thousand miles away!!
One incident is Yamaa’s decision to take away the life of an elephant by making a crocodile to drag the elephant into deep water and kill. When the elephant called Lord Vishnu, Yamaa through the crocodile could do no harm to the devoted elephant and had to quit his attempt!
Again when Lord Yamaa wanted to take away the life of a strong devotee of Shiva much against his own father’s advice to pray only Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva protected Markandeya and Yamaa could do nothing!
Quoting these two mythological happenings, Bharathiyar challenges Yamaa to come near him and he will simply make him to pulp by the poet’s feet! What a lovely theme, content and presentation!
On seeing this,
One of the distinguished Israeli Poets Dr.Hayim Abramson (Ph.D and M A) living in Bet EI, Israel responded as below. He teaches at the Israeli Center, Jerusalem and in other settings too. He writes poetry in Hebrew, English and Spanish. He can be reached by Phone 02 9975 433 and Email: hayimphd@netvision.net.il

Hayim Abramson
Dear Honorable M. Subbaraman NV:
I read the poem. It is interesting how from different cultures we can have such common themes.
In this case defying death.
I have one comfort which is this:

Our God is infinite.
He extends across and beyond time.
He knows all.
Therefore he knows we existed
and what we did.
Long after we have been forgotten.

Subbaraman NV
to Hayim
Thanks for your scholarly response.
N v Subbaraman

Hayim Abramson
to me

The system would not let me post this revised poem.
Perhaps you want to post it instead of the previous one…

In different cultures
We have common themes
Such as how to defy death!.
Take heed and know that
God is infinite,
Across and beyond time!
He knows all things
Including that we ever existed
And that we did what we did
After we have been forgotten!.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar- on “Address to the Lord Yama”
Monday, July 10, 2017 in an article with commentary
and translations by N V Subbaraman,

Subbaraman NV
to Hayim
Sure Dr. In an appropriate manner. Thanks.
N V Subbaraman
Dear and Honored M. Subbaraman,
Thank you for following things through. I appreciate knowing
that you are very busy indeed!
May Hashem God keep you well. The main thing is to take one
little problem at a time, but do not take the glitches to heart,
these are the mechanics of getting something done.
Have a lovely day, full of light, joy and good things for you and family.

Life’s little problems
do not take too hard to heart
they’re just challenges.

Since I thought this is a very unique response and has to be shared in the form of a Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS/ Thanks for all your support.
Meet you as usual on Monday. Thanks.



  1. Sir, Went through the two finest incidents of helping nature of the SUPREME LORD ! Our kavi Bharathi was also confident of meeting KALA and his Tamil poem is excellent to read. He would drive KALA 4000 miles away. He challenges YAMA in a straight forward contest ! Dr. Hayim enjoyed your translation. I praise HIM for his noble understanding of our Great Kavi and his feelings.

    Final advice says that our lives should challenge the little problems which come and ago and should not be taken to heart. No about your emotions will surely help us to have courage at odd moments. Thanking you Sir, for bringing this article to have STUBBORN MIND in us.


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