In the creation of the Omnipotent Lord Almighty
All have a purpose and clear role to serve the society
Animals and birds, river and seas, tanks and lakes all quite great
The animal kingdom an integral part of HIS creation – a treat!

Of HIS creations the majestic looking TIGER is nice
The largest cat species on earth.It needs to be conserved fine
Over the decades, has become an endangered species
God’s creations must be helped to survive – we be gracious.

Today it is Global Tigers Dayeo focus on promoting
Protecting of the natural habitats of tigers,raising
Public awareness of tiger conservation issues
Let us all do our bit atleast on thoughts and words.

2 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL TIGER DAY-29th July.

  1. I like your words “EVERYTHING IS CREATED FOR A PURPOSE ” I came to know that tiger belongs to cat family. Tiger is beautiful in sight. Though we are afraid of Tigers, they too have love towards their kith and kin as shown. The picture shows the mother’s love towards its baby. It is known that “LORD AYYAPPA” is a friend to the tigers and could get milk from them ! If we show love and affection to anyone, NO HATRED will be present in GOD’S creations. Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to express my thoughts also.


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