Wages one gets for his sins is death- said Lord Christ
Those who believe not may ask ‘don’t the non sinners die’?
Others are wondering what constitutes sin at best
It all depends on the perception of men –answers lie!

In the creation of the God Almighty- my lord
All His creations are to live in peace –never sounds odd.
Love all, serve all- help ever hurt never- golden path
All have to take and serve the Lord – from Him no wrath!

Tiny creation is the nice ants – red in color pure
Mostly they cause no harm to humans very sure
They go in a beautiful line one after the other
A nice sight- but I am tempted to crush them together!

Am I a sinner? Unable to decide- a shame
I see a snake going on its own way afraid of me
I kill it with a stone and stick-am I a sinner?
A dog afraid of me barks in a corner- I
Drive it away under fear- am I a sinner?
Tell me what is sin and am I a sinner?



2 thoughts on “AM I A SINNER?

  1. What a nice poetic thought of yours ? Are we sinners ? Wages we get for Sins ? A good argument is put forth before sinners and non sinners? I Love All, Hurt never are the terms nicely related with the ants, snakes and dogs. How many insects and small ants are killed by me without my knowledge on day to day basis. Countless . Oh God ! I am being made as a sinner. Dogs are driven away for the no mistake of theirs. Snakes are beaten to death for their ignorance. Only by total surrender to the GOD three times a day , i.e, in the early morning, at noon and in the evening sun set, the sins created during the intervals, both knowingly and unknowingly will go off from the record. We become pure and pure when our sins are washed away. Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to express my feelings.


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