August 06- International Friendship Day!


Friend in need is a friend indeed – a saying goes
Your friends will see you in your prosperity
You will see your friend in your adversity
Understanding each other is indeed friendship

Friendship is not mere smile on face
Friendship is the smiling heart’s embrace!
Friendship hastens help in mishaps
Like hands picking up the dress that slips!

Not to laugh is friendship made
But to hit when faults exceed!
International Friendship Day is sixth August
Let us promote in a manner quite august!




2 thoughts on “August 06- International Friendship Day!

  1. Went through your thought on ” INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY ” Nice poetic thought ! I like the saying ” your friends will see you in prosperity and you will see your friends in adversity ” . Your version reminds of Great Thiruvalluvar’s ” MUGA NAGA NATPATHU NATPANRU ” and “UDUKKAI ILANTHAVAN KAIPOLA “.. I appreciate your thought on a nice drawing wherein all the hands of the friends put together mark “UNITY IS STRENGTH AND BEAUTIFUL “. I also note your drawing of thought about friendship is made not on a big thing but million of little things ! Let our friendship grow for ever ! Thanking you Sir for being my friend. !


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