Nation’s destiny is firmly fixed to the handloom artisans
Indeed was the view of the Father of the Nation – not partisan
Mechanization cannot engage all in the country he felt
Lo! His thoughts are sent to the winds and got in thin air melt!

Nation to search, unfortunate, for handloom artists and their art
Today is National Handloom day –to think, focus at least part
The dying art to be enlivened by the art loving public
Let us honestly do for sustaining our culture fantastic!

Guwahati to host today for the North-Eastern States so great
Great and invaluable art, artisans spread in every part
Let every citizen make efforts to uphold the dignity
On this day holy- and ensure their survival   for eternity!


2 thoughts on “NATIONAL HANDLOOM DAY 7/8/17.

  1. Gandhiji’s thought was correct in saying that machines can not give all the jobs to the men. Hand loom clothes are beautiful and liked by so many even today. Father’s talks have gone in to the wind and the people go for machine made clothes. Let us all support the Gauhathi meet and wish all the best. I could have the chance to do threads out of cottons when I was a school going boy and motivated by manni. I could buy cotton bags which looked beautiful. Thanking you Sir for bringing the hand loom industry to light.


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