Sculpture of Rani Lakshmi Bai, fighting his enemies with his adopted son at back.

indian Independence seventy second arrives soon
Journey to freedom was very long and arduous- like moon
Places and people historic sacrificed all over sure
Deserving praise and prayer on this day a week before pure!

The city of Jhansi-of Rani Lakshmi Bai in U P
A holy place to be worshipped along with  Rani-with pomp
Spark of Sepoy mutiny reached and turned into war aweful
Rani Lakshmi Bai saved her kingdom successfully-powerful!

Betrayers were ever and everywhere- shameless nearby
Rani captured Gwalior with the help of Marathas- but
In the course died during the battle of Gwalior bravely
Referred as  Joan of Arc by the British commanders wisely!


2 thoughts on “JOURNEY TO FREEDOM PART 19

  1. It gives us joy to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY but journey to freedom was long. Many sacrificed their lives to earn independence. Sir, you made us to know about Jhansi Rani .who was brave to save her kingdom during sepoy mutiny. The picture you have shown is “VERY BRAVE JHANSI RANI” It reminds me of the famous Maratha King Shivaji. She was brave enough to capture Gwalior with Marathas but died during the course of battle. You sadly said betrayers were here and there and I feel sorry to note.

    We pray for the brave souls who departed but yet live with our happy memories. Thanking you Sir for turning the pages of History before our celebrations.


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