August 10-International Biodiesel Day.


In the fast moving world today transportation important
When bullock carts and horse backs were used no need was indeed felt
For gasoline, petrol or diesel any where in the world
But alas! Gone are those days sans pollution hale and healthy!

Oil resources get depleted, oil rich countries flee the have nots
Nations not so rich to pay suffer in silence-fail to think
Think of alternate fuel created by the God Almighty
In forms several- bio diesel economic fuel –mighty!

International Biodiesel day is today the tenth
Of August – to honor the day peanut oil used
In Eighteen Ninety three-today assumes greater need
When oil resources getting eroded and and costly indeed!




2 thoughts on “August 10-International Biodiesel Day.

  1. We think of those days of Bullock carts. It is said that huge temples are also built with the help of elephants.
    As you rightly said those days have gone off from us. The fuel is used everywhere and anywhere.
    But how long ? It is time to think of Bio Diesel today. Everywhere pollution ! And also how much fuel we have in stock ? Will they meet out all of our demands ? In the past days we use to walk miles and miles.
    It is remembered that “MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP” Thanking you Sir for bringing this subject matter of today’s importance.


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