Mosquito 2007-2.jpg

Coil, liquid, paper, net, spray, ointment-what not
All to save us from the mosquito menace-rot!
In the creation of the Almighty here is one
Called mosquito-poor or rich- purpose seems to be none!

In His creation every little thing has
A purpose to serve which is to annoy you and me!
But serves as food to birds, frogs and others to eat
Another is to multiply their clan and meet!

The tiny mosquito rings, sings as night falls
To some it is music who have the ears to enjoy music
To many it is nuisance plain and simple spoiling sleep
It is all in the ears of the beholders and listeners!

Malaria, Dengue, encephalitis – my Lord
For what else you hve created this species, God?
Cleanliness, neat environ, no waterlogging
It defies all and shows its might- we are struggling!!

2 thoughts on “WORLD MOSQUITO DAY-20th August!

  1. World Mosquito day is on 20th August. Tiny creations disturb our daily life but they are food to other creatures. The Creator knows the tales and tricks . How many findings are there for preventing bites from mosquitoes ! Nets, Ointment, Cream etc are here for prevention. But beyond all these preventive measures they go on eating us.

    It is interestingly noted that mosquito moving as “music”. When they bite next time I will try to listen to the music note of them. It is also joyful to note your wording ” poor or rich” it has no partiality.

    What should we do ? By keeping our surroundings clean we try to avoid the diseases caused by them.

    Thanking you Sir, for the creation of awareness on this day of World Mosquito Day.


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