August 19-World Humanitarian Day


August nineteenth –tomorrow is a great day-quite significant
“World Humanitarian Day” observed all over the globe
For all of us to think, to pen and spread, make the world with patience
To respect all beings-God’s creation with clear conscience!

Men and women are created by God the Almighty
To live and lead a life normal with kith and kin rightly;
But there are the beloved of God who work for the world
Sacrificing all in challenging situations bold!

Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of age
Whose thinking, philosophy, dynamism and courage
Inspired all and timeless legacy for all to emulate.
Rightly United Nations dedicated this day to that great!

3 thoughts on “August 19-World Humanitarian Day

  1. I am very happy to know that 19th August is celebrated as “World Humanitarian day”. As rightly said, this is the day to remind us to show a humanitarian approach to all beings of God. Some people sacrifice themselves to teach and demonstrate what is love and affection to the society. Human Relations is a topic of today’s talk everywhere. Increasing importance is given to it because Human Relations build strong teams. Not only individual grows but also society grows. Our Father of nation achieved his high motive because of this HR. There has to be a human touch in every thinking, every talking, and in every moment for a smooth life of all God’s creations. Cost wise it costs nothing but it is everything.

    I have come know about Brazilian Sergio who is known for her supreme thinking, dynamism, and courage. We have to learn from her inspiration.

    May this day help all of our fellow beings to live in peace and harmony !

    Thanking you Sir . I have expressed my thought on ” World Humanitarian day”


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