Oh, Light!
Oh, Space!
Oh, brightness!
Bridges in the space
Strength of the Space
Treasure of treasures!
Messengers of God!
Signs of the Blessings!
Sanctity of the prayer!
Right angles of devotion!
Oh, brightness – the Light
That embraces the Universe
Attraction of the attractions!
Magnet of the magnets!
Power of the light!
Energy of the light!
Oh, wonders of the light!
God revering God!
Truth of the truths Science shows!
Feelings and emotions
Coming out of

4 thoughts on “UNIVERSE -A CHARIOT ON THE MOVE Part 40

  1. A chariot is on the move- Light in the space- Bridges in the space- Power of light– Signs of devotion——-
    What a wonderful spot light of LIGHT it is! The poet is delighted to see and feel the presence of LIGHT everywhere ! The Light drives the Chariot !

    What happens if Light does not present itself continuously for about a week ? Then the peculiar and noble presence of LIGHT is well felt.

    Feelings and emotions are coming out of Science ! Thanks Sir.


  2. Feelings and emotions coming out of science. Light out of facts. Fine blend of reason and emotion. Nice facts being churned from universe achariot on the move. Salutes to nvsr sir !


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