Poetry indeed is the index of the greatness of a language
Poets of all hues are the invaluable wealth of the language
There are many known and unknown in all languages and countries
MANA KAVI cannot be many and rarest among the poetsi

In Tamilnadu MAHAKAVI refers to the great national
Patriotic Poet who inspired and instilled patriotism
In all the people through his immortal poems-in journey to freedom
Subramaniya Bharathiyar entered HEAVEN on that holy day!

Scholar in languages several, learned and the one who loved
The country more than his Mother-injecting love in all who lived!
We salute the one who died almost a century ago whose songs
Are sung even today on all occasions-songs immortal! Man throngs!



  1. Maha Kavi is well known by his head-wear and his mustache to all of our countrymen. He is remembered on the national functions like Independence Day and republic Day by singing his patriotic song.

    As and when we think of Bharathiar, his courageousness,stubbornness and devotion to the nation are remembered.

    His Kavithas are born out of inner desire to achieve freedom at any cost.!

    A great Salute to the Maha Kavi on this holy day.

    Your poem is RICH in tributes . Thanks Sir.


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