On their noble journey to freedom great leaders were in the cell
Undergoing sufferings at the aliens hand -hard to tell
Cells and cellars beneath the ground in the jails all over
Freedom at midnight we got years seventy earlier!

In the CELL WORLD we are today with no hope of getting relieved
Unfortunate in the society all are slaves-slaves of the cellphones
What, why, when, to whom and where questions difficult to answer-pity
Age, sex, position, work-the cell phones know not- variety!Plenty!

Speaking from a room to room under the same roof of the home
On the road, in the running bus and train quite crowded, on roam
At the office or school- young or old, men or women- no hand sans cell
To laugh or weep-mad craziness- in the cell world we are -foolish look-well!

“Cellphone addicts” all over the society most distressing
Any medicines to get out of the addiction- ‘tablets’help not
In fact added addiction- a bigger version of cell phone
And smaller edition of laptop-desk top- God help us to come away!

4 thoughts on “IN THE CELL WORLD WE ARE !

  1. A beautiful comparison of the GREAT LEADERS who were in CELL for the fight of freedom AND the present day DOMINATORS OF CELL PHONES.. The poet must have been in distress in telling that the cells of our freedom fighters beneath the ground were in jails. Whereas the CELL PHONE HOLDERS do not even worry about the active cells in their LIVE BODIES decaying with so many distresses. Tablets have added further addiction.

    Though it may not be possible for us to live completely without cell phones but their uses can be restricted.
    A measuring instrument may be invented by the LORD for its level of restriction showing the percentage of
    damages done in the body and in the brain. Awareness should be created all over the world for the welfare of our long living humanity.

    I also use the cell phone Sir, and I assure you today that I will be using it only for useful purpôses wherever and whenever needed.

    Thanking you Sir for reminding us the hard won freedom at midnight.



  2. Great leaders were in cell fighting for freedom and present generation are chained and another freedom fight (from cell) needed for their liberation.


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