The Lord Almighty- great creator of the Universe
Provided us with what all we need out of NATURE –HIS GRACE
Air, Light, Gas, water, heat and all that give health and happiness
To make the world a heaven to live in peace and poise!

OZONE prevents the ultraviolet radiation
From reaching the ground, creating normal condition
For the life on the planet; protects us from the sun rays
And forms suitable light and warmth conditions of the world!

Depletion of the layer increases radiation
Causing skin cancer, cataract, and weakens immune system
Making us suffer the infectious diseases!
Today is WORLD OZONE DAY- let us think and protect Ozone!


4 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 16th WORLD OZONE DAY

  1. Sir, A simple and nice presentation of OZONE. Yesterday we talked about Mother Nature. Today we talk about Mother’s gift “OZONE”.. Importance of its layer is well known from your poem and it protects from so many diseases. Let us protect the ozone layer to have the nice environment to live a heavenly life on this planet Earth with the many valuable gifts presented to us by the mother nature..

    Thanking you Sir,

    G.Vasudevan .


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