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Mr, G.Vasudevan of Trichy is now  in Torantom CANADA

His views form the Sunday story today.

I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score has crossed ONE LAKH and SIX THOUSAND By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 978th in the911day life of the Blog!
Well, one of my new admiring viewer is Shri Vasudevan my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently with his daughter in Toranto, Canada. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and here is a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers as this week’s Sunday story. I hope you will enjoy reading. Part I was posted on 31st July 2017.
Number one is the SUPREME! He rules the entire creations of the universe!
“ATHI BHAGAVAN MUTHARRAY ULAGU” You have given HIM the number 1 position because of HIS ROLE!
Another one is numeral 1. The other day you have beautifully narrated number 9 as the safe guarder of all the digits. Today comes the role of number 1. Number one is always appreciated for its meritorious position!
First in the class, First in all the competitions, First in achieving the business targets and so on. Without that number 1 the other numbers can not follow. It is a “TEAM LEADER”.
Oneness of thoughts, words and actions of all is the need of the hour and that is clearly spotted by the poet.
Elizebeth Haich ‘s number 1 game is very much interesting and had a good time in viewing the same. A tricky number game of ONES !!
Thanking you Sir for sweet information shared and reviewed.
Our Bharath Desam with diverse cultures and, languages lives in UNITY.
One Nation with One flag is fine going here.
Hindi is spoken in majority of the states in our country. As said it is easy to learn and speak. It almost unites all the states.
Each and every language has its own beauty. Language is essential for communication among our people
of our mother land. As we have one mother, that is, Bharath Matha, we should be proud of HER children.
As we are all from one family, there is no question of hatred to any of our family languages.
We should think of those people where people lived without language of communication. It is very difficult to imagine of those people who lived without language for communication. It is God’s grace that all the languages of our mother land are rich in literature and grammar.
Let us show our love to our Hindi-speaking people and treat them like our brothers.
Maha Kavi is well known by his head-wear and his mustache to all of our countrymen. He is remembered on the national functions like Independence Day and republic Day by singing his patriotic song.
As and when we think of Bharathiar, his courageousness, stubbornness and devotion to the nation are remembered.
His Kavithas are born out of inner desire to achieve freedom at any cost!
A great Salute to the Maha Kavi on this holy day.
Your poem is RICH in tributes. Thanks Sir.

Today is a day dedicated to “LITERACY” as directed by UNESCO. As the picture shows, Literacy shows the way to enjoy wealth and health as in the case of the developed nations As rightly said, it is the duty of an individual, society and the Government to remove the Illiteracy at any cost. We are not in STONE-AGE to be illiterate; we are living in a modern scientific and technical world where all the facilities are available in abundance.
We have to create INTEREST in the minds of the illiterate to be literate. The need is also to be taught to them not only for their personal growth but also for their society’s improvement.
I am proud that you are making us more LITERATE through your thoughts. Thanks sir.
A nice thought of “FORGIVENESS” . To forget is human but to forgive is divine – is a beautiful quote of divine words. Yes. We human have the capacity to forget and we can have the capacity to forgive too. Forgiveness starts from the first stage of childhood and thereafter develops greater as we grow. After all we human tend to make mistakes and if taken in the right sense we can very easily forgive.
The advantages of forgiveness are plenty. Inner satisfaction is the foremost. Our much wanted PEACE is spread when we attempt to forgive.
Let us all follow the policy of “FORGET AND FORGIVE”. Thanks Sir.
Sir, I have gone through your “beautiful poem” many a times and enjoyed. GOD is our father and nature is our mother! As mother nature, it has given us a plenty of things in abundance. As you rightly said The Mother Nature is pity enough that it does not expect anything in return from us.
Your description of nature is wonderful.
It is our duty to protect the nature as the NATURE protects us.
A nice poem! A nice reading! A good feeling! A god advice from you!
While thanking the father GOD and mother NATURE, It is my duty to thank you Sir.
After dealing with a lot of ART and LITERATURE matter, here comes your ALMA MATER! . That is your ever unforgettable LIC!! When you were called by Chief Manager SrI.VN. Murugesan, I could feel your inner feelings and satisfaction. Your LOVE towards LIC has no bounds. The entire Sunday Story belongs to a new product of LIC and that message you want to spread all around.
As you said four decades of your service helped you to learn ART of LIVING in the real life situations.
Let the New Plan reach worldwide and catch attention of all. One of the objectives of LIC is “TO SPREAD THE INSURANCE MESSAGE TO NOOK AND CORNER OF THE COUNTRY”. Now your news has spread to all over the world.
Sir. I share your feelings in showing LOVE towards our ALMA MATER. Thank you Sir for allowing me to take a part of pride of YOURS.
A beautiful description of 9/9! I like your lovely statement “9 stands as a strong protective unit at the end “.
Parts of the sentences are nine, beautifully narrated. Planets are 9 in the solar system beautifully placed in your own style of words. And finally Navagrahas are 9 that beautifully control our day to day life.
If Friday is here, Saturday has to be there. That is the rule of the nature . Let us love all the days with equal importance and let this day give us more peace and joy.
Thanking you Sir.
A different Subject matter today . Rangers’ day. Yes they protect the forest wealth of our country. Unlike Army men who fight with Humans, Rangers safeguard their lives from wild animals. They sacrifice their lives for the sake of us. Let us salute them. Thanking you sir for making us remember about Rangers.
As you stated milk is NECTAR to all the babies of humans and animals. When the baby stops crying after taking milk, it feels satisfied and feels comfort. This is actually the GIFT of the ALMIGHTY. This is easily digestible food for aged people. Now I imagine how the milk will be nectar when the digestive system does not accept any food. Oh GOD of MILKY ocean!! Let our future children be stronger and healthier. They may have to face varieties of challenges by YOUR ORDER. Thanking you Sir for the love and affection shown by you to our children
Wish you happiness in your A to Z activities of today. Very nice to go through the entire article! If we OBSERVE and ENJOY on “GOD’S CREATION” I do hope all other aspects of “A to Z ” will look beautiful and we can find joy and happiness. When the flowers are offered to the LORD we find beauty in HIM. Thanking you Sir for showing us the 26 ways.
What a nice poetic thought of yours? Are we sinners? Wages we get for Sins? A good argument is put forth before sinners and non sinners? I Love All, Hurt never are the terms nicely related with the ants, snakes and dogs. How many insects and small ants are killed by me without my knowledge on day to day basis, Countless!. Oh God! I am being made as a sinner. Dogs are driven away for the no mistake of theirs. Snakes are beaten to death for their ignorance. Only by total surrender to the GOD three times a day , i.e, in the early morning, at noon and in the evening sun set, the sins created during the intervals, both knowingly and unknowingly will go off from the record. We become pure and pure when our sins are washed away. Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to express my feelings.
Went through your thought on “INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY” Nice poetic thought! I like the saying “your friends will you in prosperity and you will see your friends in adversity “. Your version reminds of Great Thiruvalluvar’s ” MUGA NAGA NATPATHU NATPANRU ” and “UDUKKAI ILANTHAVAN KAIPOLA “.. I appreciate your thought on a nice drawing wherein all the hands of the friends put together mark “UNITY IS STRENGTH AND BEAUTIFUL “. I also note your drawing of thought about friendship is made not on a big thing but millions of little things! Let our friendship grow forever! Thanking you Sir for being my friend. !
Enjoyed the full reading of the Sunday special. Sorry, I should not say “Enjoyed Reading” but I should say that my heart has touched the lines of WAR and PEACE of your special release. Historically wars play a magic role. Right from RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATA wars were fought and side by side peace-talks co-existed. Peace lovers include our Great Hanuman Ji and Lord Krishna Ji. Our peace loving nation is proud of our GREAT FATHER “GANDHI JI”. His life demonstrates peace and victory to the whole universe. All religions preach “peace”.
Buddha when visited outdoors saw the strange sights of the streets and he decided to have peace and preach peace to the universe.
Tolstoy could create the little piece of “WAR AND PEACE” after witnessing the French invasion of Russia. The after effects of war could not be simply imagined. Water from eyes flow with the blood flow of the victims. I find very difficult to express in words. Bombs crack the human bodies into pieces. Oh ! God ! I was not there during the world war I and Ii to witness.
I am surprised to note that no English Novel equals the Tolstoy”s piece.
I could understand what the novel tells about in a nutshell.
I also want to be one among the prayers of HIROSHIMA.
I note one special thing in all religions:
In Hindu temples also we can hear the RINGS OF THE BELLS.
In churches also we can hear the RINGS OF THE BELLS.
Silent prayers are also conducted in Muslims temples.
All these NOBLE-SOUNDS across all the religions call for PEACE, PEACE , PEACE all over.
Let us all greet the DOVES for sending peace message.
Thanking you Sir for bringing this Sunday Special as a wake up call to love peace.
Gandhiji’s thought was correct in saying that machines can not give all the jobs to the men. Hand loom clothes are beautiful and liked by so many even today. Father’s talks have gone in to the wind and the people go for machine made clothes. Let us all support the Gauhathi meet and wish all the best. I could have the chance to do threads out of cottons when I was a school going boy and motivated by manni. I could buy cotton bags which looked beautiful. Thanking you Sir for bringing the hand loom industry to light.
It gives us joy to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY but journey to freedom was long. Many sacrificed their lives to earn independence. Sir, you made us to know about Jhansi Rani .who was brave to save her kingdom during sepoy mutiny. The picture you have shown is “VERY BRAVE JHANSI RANI” It reminds me of the famous Maratha King Shivaji. She was brave enough to capture Gwalior with Marathas but died during the course of battle. You sadly said betrayers were here and there and I feel sorry to note.
We pray for the brave souls who departed but yet live with our happy memories. Thanking you Sir for turning the pages of History before our celebrations.
It is rightly said “Man is a social animal”. Like other animals, men also want to live with other fellow humans. Indigenous people make their living and at the same time seek better living conditions for a whole community. They like to follow other’s traditions easily and ready to mix with . They take interest in the cultures thereby unity is strengthened. In the picture shown to us people sail from one place to other place
for living. Very nice to see the people who sail and very happy to see the people who see them off. Hats off to the International day of Indigenous people. Thanking you Sir for bringing a different subject matter of interest today.
We think of those days of Bullock carts. It is said that huge temples are also built with the help of elephants.
As you rightly said those days have gone off from us. The fuel is used everywhere and anywhere.
But how long ? It is time to think of Bio Diesel today. Everywhere pollution ! And also how much fuel we have in stock ? Will they meet out all of our demands ? In the past days we use to walk miles and miles.
It is remembered that “MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP” Thanking you Sir for bringing this subject matter of today’s importance.
It is interesting to note the JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Part 20 carries the news of “VELU NACHIAR” of Sivagangai. I came to know she was well ahead of Jhansi Rani in the fight for Freedom. Nowadays there is an increasing talk of Woman’s rights. From the history it is known that woman also equally played a major role in power share.
Even now we can see the traces of the palace in Sivagangai. We may also note the famous quotes ” SIVAGANGAI SEEMAI” and “MARUTHU SAHOTHARARGAL” of Sivagangai.
It is our duty to remember and honor “VELU NACHIAR” for her brave fight.
The reading of the Journey enriches my knowledge of our freedom struggle. Thank you Sir.
Let us celebrate this birthday of our nation with full of pride and honor.
Swami Vivekananda said ” some young men of energy” are sufficient for doing wonderful things in the world. That means he has felt shortage of sufficient men or he could not find some. But he is confident that youth are capable of doing mighty tasks.
The author warns that elders should be pure for the young’s’ sure success.Yes the future is waiting for the young to do more inventions and a highly developed world is theirs.
Thanking you Sir for creating awareness to build our young men pure.
Sir, I am happy to note that CPC MEET is held regularly.
As you rightly said only ART and LITERATURE can save this world from disasters.
Sir, It is interesting to read the young poet’s poem. Simple words decorate the entire poem. Speed of the wings is compared to the wings of the fan. I find fine art along with literature. The love of the friend flows like Niagara falls -a catchy term.
The young poet’s grand father’s poem is also very much touching. The famous quote “dead are alive and the alive are dead” drives the inner spirit to face any problems in life without fear.
Finally “A corpse on the final journey” by Dr. Nithie is wholesome. The reading went on continuously with emotional touch.
Thanking you Sir for creating interest in the field of ART and LITERATURE which can derive pleasure from all the odds of daily life.
Today ‘s poem is Kannan piranthan of Bharathiar’s. A chance to sing the Bharathiar song and to know the explanation in Tamil. The song tells us how much happiness Bharathi is on this birth day of Lord Kannan !
Yes. HE gave Bhagavath Gita to us which tells us to do our work with devotion without any expectation of .
results. The noble terms Earth, Sun , Moon , indra , Kali and Ganga are all beautifully handled in style.
He tells that Vedas are there to protect us and Sankara tells that a bliss is born. All the sins are going off from us.
Not only we have a chance to read and enjoy Bharathiar’s kavita but also we enjoyed your translated version .
on this holy day.
Happy Krishna’s ASHTAMI !! Sir.
Very Proud to see the TRICOLOR FLAG flying very freely. It makes our mind stable and free. I am very happy that you reproduced Bharathiar’s “Thayin Manikodi Pareer” He died in the year 1921. He sang the song with the strong imagination that our country would attain freedom at any cost !. The way in which he praises the flag make us feel that even after attaining the freedom the poem LIVES stronger than before.
There is no description of words for his courageous thinking and imaginative will power. I am not satisfied by reading the song once but still it tells to me to read again and again to find out the inner treasures. It is an example to show that how ART and LITERATURE helped our country for obtaining freedom.
Your translation is well understood and it is a beauty in you to coin the words aptly and sweetly. It is as if Bharathiar himself sings in English Language. It requires deeper understanding and higher thoughts to have such a spirit in imagination. Thanking you Sir . Your poem also will stand strong at all times.
Shri. Gopal’s effort to make a four lined VEDA of Vande Matharam is highly appreciative and it makes us feel that yet another Sanskrit KAVI ‘s presence at the times of our crucial need. I find the langulage richness in his words and with my little knowledge in the rich language, Sanskrit , I am yet to make out the
meaning clearer and dearer.
I also stand very firmly in saluting our National Tri Color flag with pride, happy and honor.
Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to use this media to respect our flag, National Anthem and our Mother Nation BHARATH ! J A I H I N D .
. World Mosquito day is on 20th August. Tiny creations disturb our daily life but they are food to other creatures. The Creator knows the tales and tricks . How many findings are there for preventing bites from mosquitoes ! Nets, Ointment, Cream etc are here for prevention. But beyond all these preventive measures they go on eating us.
It is interestingly noted that mosquito moving as “music”. When they bite next time I will try to listen to the music note of them. It is also joyful to note your wording ” poor or rich” it has no partiality.
What should we do ? By keeping our surroundings clean we try to avoid the diseases caused by them.
Thanking you Sir, for the creation of awareness on this day of World Mosquiuito Day.
Sir, So far I heard of English New Year, Tamil New Year , Telugu New Year and now I have a chance to learn and know about ” PARSI NEW YEAR” I thank you very much for making me to look our ‘INDIA’ a. bit broader.
I join with you to wish the most people of “Maharastra” and “Gujarath” a prosperous Happy Parsi New Year. Thank you Sir.
Sir, Every time when I open “Envius Thoughts” message I see NVS Sir’s face. It is almost the same face as i have seen in 1993 . What a tremendous technology ! Photography plays a vital role almost in all the areas of life, i.e, in schools, colleges, in work places and in all the computer applications. What a great birth of photography in the year 1830s !!
The faces of great leaders are easily remembered by their photos. Black and white photos of our great grand fathers at our house decorate our memories. All the Identity cards, Passports, Visas use photographs for identification.
Digital photography is growing at a faster rate ! As you rightly said cellphones are used for photographs. Cost of photography has come down as the technology advances ! We are happy to see that we are living in a modern era of photography !
Let us greet this day of FINE ART with cheer! Thanking you sir for having a chance to see you daily through this thought.
Sir, I am sorry to note that your “LIFE’S LIGHT” has gone off beyond your reach. But she lives with you in your memories daily. I could see the smiling face of your “LIGHT” even today. She is always with your thoughts and deeds. I pray for the “BLESSINGS’ of the “GOD” to you and to your all family members ! You are lighting our path of ignorance on a daily basis.
Sir, I am sharing your feelings on this day as one of your family friends. God has given us enough strength to withstand everything in our lives.
Sir, Thanks for making us to know the history of the birth of “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” There are a lot of blocks left for reading. I will read and respond whenever time permits me. I am happy to know that your joy reached no bounds when the views have crossed 1,00,000.
With a strong will power in mind and intelligent display of your thoughts, the numbers of viewers will comfortably go well beyond your imagination.
Thanking you Sir for making our reading interesting !
Rajiv Gandhi’s birth day is being celebrated as “SADHBHAVANA DAY”. Let us all take the oath today and as per the oath taken we should obey it and practically apply the same in our day today lives. What a pleasing term “Living in harmony” is !
Sir, I should say we should be utmost happy if all he people live in harmony. Resolving all the problems through dialogue is quite possible even today !
Thanking you Sir for presenting a nice post today with “SATHBHAVAM”
Only man has the unique quality of knowing and loving of all living beings. All the 26 qualities noted above are the noble qualities. If we are good to ourselves, all other traits will follow us. Your motto “HURT NEVER – LOVE EVER” will bring forth all the essential qualities for leading a healthy life of an individual and for leading a healthy society.
Your cartoon reminded me of ” MARAM POLVAR MAKKAL PANBU ILLATHAVAR” of Thiruvalluvar’s.
The article is captioned as “A little more of…………….!. Is this not enough for a good human being?!
Thanking you Sir for sharing a little more of….YOUR thoughts with us.
Today is the day of International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave. A man is slave to an another man even in today’s world ! Slavery should go off at any cost. An individual is to be respected without negligence as all are children of God. You have correctly mentioned Abraham Lincoln as Great man as he fought slavery tooth and nail.
The Author is quite correct in telling the fact that Ego, ignorance, Jealous and fear make men as slaves.
We will have to overcome these obstacles called slaves to make us fully free.
Thanking you Sir for making everyone free on this Holy- Mother-Earth.
Madras Nalla Madras – Author sees only good things around and in the same way he sees only the first line of the famous Tamil Film song and his mind does not mind the second line of the same famous song ! But I don’t know my mind thought about the second line for a moment but recovered from that state of mind.
I could recall the Madras State as St.George Fort in 1639 and 22nd August Day becomes known as Madras Day. Thank you sir for making us remember our old city and its origin.
There were so many who fought for our Freedom from our State. Madrasi a is well known term all over the world. Not only the Author is proud of being a Madrasi but also I am proud to be a Madrasi !!
I thank you Sir ! To start with I have seen two PILLAIYARS of which one is from Bangalore Flat and one is from your chennai flat. HE is the God to remove all of our obstacles.
Your translation of VINAYAGAR STHUTHI to English is excellent sir I find BAKTHI in your lines of translation.
I wish you and your all family members a happy “vINAYAGAR CHATHRUTHI” Sir. We pray for your blessings on holy day
Sir, As you have rightly put “MAN IS WITHIN WOMAN”, man can not exist without woman. Your words are beautiful in saying the words “It is His will”. Let us welcome 2017 with “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE”.
Lord Shiva gives half of himself to HIS BELOVED showing us a fine example as he stands first in granting equal right to woman. As our earth is called “MOTHER’ , it makes all of us to be born, sit, stand, run, play, sleep and a final relaxation of rest on HER lap.
Sir, I join with you in the empowering-team of granting equal rights to our respected women. Thanks.
Sir. Good evening ! A lot many FOREIGN GODS !. Sir. I will take more time to read and respond.
I am happy to find that there are MANY GODS to show mercy on the people of this universe. Thanks.
Sir !! An interesting poem of LIGHT !! Without LIGHT our life will be in darkness. Oh ! Sun God !
Give us the light daily without fail. Only one big light and that is for the entire universe !
Thanks Sir for giving us a valuable poem of LIGHT.
Sir, Only after reading your poem, I could make out that Dhyan Chand’s birth day is being celebrated as National Sports Day in india. It is interesting to note your statement that the National Index is shown by the Sports of any nation. You have also beautifully told as Minds of the people are also easily studied through sports. All the Sports Awards are also presented today is also newly known.
Also I have gained knowledge about Dhyan chand Award is given to the life time sports achievers. We can always remember the Dhyan Chand as our Delhi national stadium is named after him.
Sports festival brings pride and joy together. It unites all the cultures of different countries and thereby our much wanted “PEACE” is obtained.
Thanking you Sir for imparting some sports knowledge!!.
A chariot is on the move- Light in the space- Bridges in the space- Power of light– Signs of devotion——-
What a wonderful spot light of LIGHT it is! The poet is delighted to see and feel the presence of LIGHT everywhere ! The Light drives the Chariot !
What happens if Light does not present itself continuously for about a week ? Then the peculiar and noble presence of LIGHT is well felt.
Feelings and emotions are coming out of Science !

A lot many FOREIGN GODS Sir. I will take more time to read and respond.
I am happy to find that there are MANY GODS to show mercy on the people of this universe.
Falls season starts. It is also beauty to see the trees throwing leaves on the ground. The September signifies the equality of day time and night time. Temperature falls down . In western countries schools restart after holidays in September first week.
First week of September is celebrated as “Insurance Week” in LIC all over India. As half year ends this month marketing force tries to find the target closer.
Let us welcome the season with joy and spirit.


Sir, A simple and nice presentation of OZONE. Yesterday we talked about Mother Nature. Today we talk about Mother’s gift “OZONE”.. Importance of its layer is well known from your poem and it protects from so many diseases. Let us protect the ozone layer to have the nice environment to live a heavenly life on this planet Earth with the many valuable gifts presented to us by the mother nature..

This much is for this Sunday story. We shall meet tomorrow!


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  1. Sir, Thanking you for having given my thoughts to today’s SUNDAY STORY. It gives me pleasure to read my own saying again. For my pleasure reading , you have taken a lot of strain to integrate all of my thoughts together. Now I feel there is someone in this world to recognise my thoughts also. That someone is ‘YOU” Sir. Thanking you once again ! With your kind blessings for ever,



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