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Shri Ramamurthi avid follower of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and Reviewer from Bangalore.

I am ever grateful to the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent- who directs me in all my activities and in particular who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, on 25/2/2015, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 107000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. In fact LIC continues to be our HOME. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as Part IV as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same as they did his part I, II and III were published earlier. III on 7/7/17.


Thank you sir for giving me the honour of being present in Sunday column. The eternal fountain of good thoughts emnating from your envious thoughts force us to reflect on your daily expressions. I pray God to bestow upon you the urge and capacity in you so as to benefit us immensely. With regards.

Very happy and feel content after going through my alma matter lic. It gives a pleasant surprise of having seen you addressing the elite gathering. Your presence at the age of 77 years shows your grace and dignity. Thanks to chief manager thiru murugesan for his presence of mind in arranging launch of jeevan utkarsh another petal in lic onward journey in your sincere hands.


Come September. Insurance week celebrations . Nice reminiscences. Some or even many might have celebrated insurance week or celebrating or may be celebrating insurance week. But none can surpass the full involvement of nvsr s involvement and zeal. With regards.

Feelings and emotions coming out of science. Light out of facts. Fine blend of reason and emotion. Nice facts being churned from universe achariot on the move. Salutes to nvsr sir !

It’s very nice to have a descriptive analysis and presentation pf woman gods in the world. I appreciate the enormous knowledge of n v s rs in this regard. With salutes.

War and peace. Very apt words reflecting the need. War exists always. We have to strive for establishing peace. Peace is not only a word but an emotion to be felt and to act. Hiroshima is the monumental example of the effects of war and at the same time rise of apostle of peace. Thanks for nvs sirs efforts to portray the picture with beautiful words. Peace within leads to peace externally. Ohm santhi. Ohm santhi. Ohm santhi. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Thanks for blogger part 18. Iam reminded of h w Longfellows poem be not like a dumb and driven cattle. Be a hero in the strife. By your every minute sincere effort you are enthsiasing in right direction. Your introduction of young poetic bud niveta is positive with informative photos. With regards !

Song of the crow very nicely presented. It represents the art of communication. Our minds have to be properly tuned. Nvs sir very happily took us to mothers efforts to eat with the song of crow. At those times we need not go to zoo. In our backyards it easily welcomes us. Worthy imagination. True poet can churn out beautiful ideas from any objects or creatures.

Haiku poems on summer are as pleasant as breezes brought by rains. Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain . We have to enjoy both. In simple and effective vocabulary the noble meaning is conveyed. Thank you sir !

Worthy. Message on international firefighters day. Fight with fire from the stage of preventing at the bud itself. Salutes to firefighters.

Press freedom day is unique gift. Still we remember in our youth while indira gandhi declared emergency the great editor frank morase kept the editorial column blank and black. Such is the morale which we lack today. Greetings .

Respected sir , iam very much surprised and at the same time amazed to have the privilege of being in your blog. What came out of me are only stimulations from your noble thoughts. Iam ever inspired by your dictum . Help ever,hurt never. The inspirational messages of thirikkural and bharathiyar works are special highlights. Your human relations, irrespective of cadre treating every person as a unique soul is worth emulating. With respects.

Thereporter neccity of milk from birth to death is rightly projected in apt words by the poet. In olden majority of the people are fortunate to get original milk. Now we are forced to have it in the form of packets. Eventhen it is best source of food from cradle to grave.

Cooperate with the inevitable is easy to appreciate.but difficult to impement. I pray the supreme power to endow with the ability to bear the onslaught of time.

Now iam having a clear idea regarding the significance of ramdan. Once again ackowledging yr enlightening analysis. With regards.


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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,08,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 142nd view at 22.10 hours today viz Sunday  the 24th September 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND EIGHT THOUSAND (1,08000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 919th day and 985th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.





  1. Sir, I have gone through the thoughts of Shri. Ramamurthi Sir. Very nice thoughts . Simple expressionos.I thank him for appreciating your thoughts. I also used to read his thoughts regularly.

    His wordings ‘TRUE POET CAN CHURN OUT BEAUTIFUL IDEAS FROM ANY OBJECT OR CREATURE” has attracted my attention very much. I sincerely convey my appreciation to him.

    Thanks Sir.


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