In the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient,
Omnipresent Almighty- all His creations- potent
Humans and animals, trees and plants, valleys and mountains
Seas and rivers, water falls and tanks, lakes and ponds-Chieftains!

Alas! I as a human with senses five feel I am great
And superior to others and want to control-sweet
To my heart! Animals are the worst to suffer unfair!
World Animals day is today fourth October each year!

“To raise the status of animals, improve their welfare
Around the globe” the aim and purpose without much fanfare!
Let us make the world a better place for all animals
Recognise as sentient beings and care for their welfare.”!


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N V Subbaraman




2 thoughts on “WORLD ANIMALS DAY October 4th.

  1. Sir, I have read your poem on “WORLD ANIMALS DAY” describing the wonderful creations of the “GREAT ALMIGHTY”. We human have one extra sense , that is sixth sense, to feel, understand, sympathise,love,cooperate be,happy, to create a better place for living. Though animals are born free, they are being controlled by us. I am sorry to state I am lacking in so many aspects compared to some animals./birds.

    A week before, I happen to murder a tiny moving ant by my legs, which died after a few movements . I did not know what to do then ! I stunned for some time and watched . A group of ants immediately arrived at the spot and took the dead ant to a safer place for giving a RE-LIFE to that ant. I WAS VERY MUCH ASTONISHED TO SEE the activities of the active group of ants. I realised my sixth sense now !!!???
    Is it the sixth sense or fourth sense ? I do not know ? I felt they are superior to me in so many aspects.

    In the same way I noticed many times group of CROWS start CAWING continuously whenever a crow is hurt. For hours together they cry. I do not know at which end point they stop crying. One thing I noticed that they know how to feel and understand their well being of their fellow beings . Where I am as compared to these so called less sensed birds?!! I feel I am quite inferior to all these intelligent creatures !

    Let us all show love and affection to the animals. They too have feelings .

    I loved to read your poem with a so called sixth sense !

    Thanks Sir.


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