What a funny world is this in which we live and spend all our times
Unique in ways many but peculiarities several!
Man to live in peace and harmony to develop qualities nice
Sure neither fear nor anger can be delicious spice!

Man does wrongs –big and small, cheap and costly all through the life
Ever under constant fear that when exposed loses name
Fear manifests through hatred and anger losing much earned fame
Very difficult to come out of both while young and to tame!

‘Worst thing to fear is fear’-easily said than done
When one does right thing in right fashion that will be well done
There is nothing to fear- no need for anger to set in
May God help us to be normal sans fear and anger fine!

4 thoughts on “FEAR TO ANGER!

  1. Sir,

    Good Morning to you . We welcome this day without fear and without anger.

    A nice another thought is FEAR TO ANGER . You have described the people are unique and people are different in so many aspects. Neither Anger nor Fear are delicious spice- You have told this term very beautifully.

    In your brief poem you have analysed the causes of both. Fear comes after hatred and Anger comes after losing the name of fame. The remedy you suggested is important to follow by every one, i . e, to put everything in order and in a correct fashion.

    Lord krishna’s GITA is a BIBLE to all of us. By doing our duty with duty consciousness, we will not fear for anything. We need not get anger also. If we develop the habit of doing things without expecting any fruits thereof ,very sure FEAR and ANGER will get out from us and they will search some other place to stay and develop..

    Thanking you sir for sharing your thought and reviewing my thoughts .



  2. No need to fear. No place for anger. Fear and anger are negative traits. Fear means what may happen ? Anger means a situation where it doesn’t suit our expectations. To put us in a right track they are to certain extent necessary. They have to be stimulants to keep us on right track. Fear has to make us alert. Anger has to remind us to be restrained. Thanks sir.


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