In the great creations of the Lord Almighty
Birds are wonderful in its wonderful variety
A heaven indeed for the bird watchers pleasant
In its sanctuaries all over for merriment!

Following the Flowers  speak a few days back
Here are the birds who spoke to me – a nice cake!

Bat-it cannot-but we can: Why do you sport my name?
I said with pride: We have Tendulkars and Gavaskars!


Bulbul asked with a smile: Can you sing like me?
Said I with smiles: Yes we have bul bul dharas!,

Cormorant asked cryptically: Can you live like us?
Said I with my strength: You can not as much as I do in land!!!!

Crane asked of me with clarity: Can you climb up like us?
Said I with a penchant: Look at the aircraft flying over your head!


Crow asked with you joy: What do you think of us?
Said I politely: You are my conscience keeper!.

Cuckoo in its voice melodious asked: Can you sing like our tribe?
With a sense of pride I told: We have amidst us melody kings and queens!

Dove with its penchant told: We are the ambassadors of peace!
I replied majestically: That is why we lift you up and leave you in the air
To spread our message of peace and harmony every where!

Duck said happily: It is a pleasure to swim in water!
I replied  sadly: That is why and how we duck!

Eagle asked in its voice sad: Are you not happy with my sight?
I told in vain: Not like that but……………………………

Emu asked with pride: Why not you visit Australia to enjoy the view of our clan?
I said with pleasure: I shall come along with our cricketers  next season!

Falcon in its beauty asked: Are you ready for the game?
I said with fear: Yes ready but…………………………

Flamingo with a pride of its color asked: Are you envy of our color?
In joy I told : You are one of the lovely creations of nature in tower!


(To be continued)


2 thoughts on “FRIEND WITH BIRDS (Part I)

  1. Very Good Morning Sir ! Today, I know you are busy in talking with different birds ! I too enjoyed your talking with birds in your poem “FRIEND WITH BIRDS”.

    Nice pictures of birds ! Nice questions of birds ! Your Nice Answering ! This time while talking with birds, I find a little bit of confidence in your answers ! I see the equal boost as birds are proud of ! For example the Bat’s question and your answering ! We have Tendulkars and Gavaskars !

    I remember my childhood days of catching butterflies and leaving them in the air ! I remember the RINGING SOUNDS OF “PONVANDU” and we were very much attracted by their gold colour and we used to tie them by a long thread and enjoyed its beauty and left it out in the air ! Dragon flies are no exception in the list and the first ones for attraction. One more experience of watching the beautiful parrots in the “KING TRESS”
    One more childhood memory and still continuing the habit of worshiping EAGLE flying over us, thinking Lord Maha Vishnu is interested to see us that day !

    Here in Toronto, many ducks with long necks are seen in summer days. They eat in groups and fly in groups .
    A rare sight which can not be seen in our place !

    Thanking you Sir ! Waiting for your PART II of FRIEND WITH BIRDS !

    Your Reader Friend,



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