“Love all, Serve all”, “Help Ever, Hurt Never” -that is all
What I know on earth and what all I need to know- stand tall
No need for religion, religious literature
Society to practice and ensure a bright future!

It is not theory but practical one canb follow
We have many who have lived and shown others can follow
Mahatma Gandhi -Father of the Nation was there
Mother Teresa who lived among us born elsewhere!

This is the day- years-long thirty seven ago
Mother Teresa got her Nobel Award for peace
We are proud and she the beacon light shown with ease
The way to live a life simple and noble on earth!

2 thoughts on “NOBEL PEACE FOR TERESA Day!

  1. Sir ! Good Morning to you with NVS SIR’s GAYATHRI MANTRA


    The poet says that he only knows the above MANTRA and nothing more . What he needs to know is much more ! The poet also states that there is no need for any Religion or Literature for improvement of the

    He also beautifully said that no theory will help in this matter. Practice helps the society for improvement.
    Finest examples are the lives of Mahatma Ji and Mother Teresa Ji . They have shown the ways to live the lives courageously and confidently.

    Proud moment was that Mother Teresa got her Noble prize for peace for outstanding efforts taken for the upliftment of poverty . He dedicated the prize amount to the poor people of India. This benevolent act is of the highest order of appreciation and AGAIN THE MATTER OF CONCERN FOR POOR WHICH IS HIGHLY A PRACTICAL WAY OF LIVING NOBLY and not any theory of subject matter.

    What acts can we do as a reciprocation for such NOBLE DEEDS ?

    Yes Sir We can also do wonders in the world if we lead the life as shown in NVS Sir’s GAYATRI MANTRA as a reciprocation !

    Thank you Sir for sharing the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ,

    Your Follower,



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