A great day of joy and happiness for all- young or old
Poor or rich, learned or otherwise- for te brave and bold
Fireworks and crackers make them celebrate the day with joy
All over for the Hindus- nobles winning over evils!

Let us treat this mid day week as the JOY OF GIVING DAY
Giving all love and affection to all around us-pray
Lord Almighty to bless all with the grace, make us all pay
Respects to the old and have nots among us to enjoy!

Soundless Diwali yet quite bright and joyful for all
The sick and old, birds and animals mortally afraid
From the morn till night and days before and after-provide
Only joy of giving what best one can to others- Divine!











  1. Sir, Very Good Morning of HAPPY DIWALI day !

    Everyone celebrates DIWALI , Rich or Poor , Old or Young, forgetting all the worries of the past.. By taking bath in the early morning and wearing new clothes , the old thinking goes off from us and new life begins with new thoughts. As you say this day nobility will win over our EVILS.

    As you correctly termed, this day is ‘JOY OF GIVING DAY” . This day makes us to give joys for the whole day. A day is witnessed with full of love and affection everywhere. The youngsters seek the blessings of the elders.

    A very Happy Diwali to you and to all of your members.

    Seeking your blessings on this holy day, Sir !

    Yours affectionately,



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