Human life greatest of the God’s creations is rare to obtain. Those who are fortunate to be born as humans have a lot to think and do.
Life is a challenge- meet it!
Life is a pleasure- enjoy it!
Life is a pain – suffer it!
Life is an ocean- cross it!
Life is a boat- row it!
Life is a mountain- climb on it!
Life is a valley – jump into it!
Life is a literature- read and enjoy!
Life is a poem- enjoy its rhyme and rhythm!
Life is a dream- recollect it!
Life is a game- play it honest!
Life is an illusion- don’t mind it!

Young or old, rich or poor, educated or unlettered, man or woman, boy or girl- to be successful in life have to take care of the SMALLS and BIGS! How SMALL or how BIG matter not!
The purpose of this Sunday Story is to deliberate on these for greater success in life!

Kitchen in any household is one of the most important portions; of course for some years in our lives MOTHER takes care and for a quite a few years our better half/wife/ house wife/ takes care – all the same better we know certain important aspects to be known at least and learnt are listed below:
1. Know how to put on the gas stove/LPG burners, sim and close.
Electric ovens, electric heaters – operation of the same.
2. Names of the various pulses, grains, oils etc.
3. To wash the water containers occasionally.
4. Various electrical switches and plug points for mixy/grinder/water heater etc. and usage of these electrical appliances for emergency purposes.
5. Learn to prepare hot water/tea/coffee etc.
6. Cleaning/washing/sweeping etc.
7. Cooking rice/preparing Idli, dosa.
8. Operating the Washing Machine –automatic or otherwise- from start to the end.
In our private room, if we are lovers of reading we would have built up a nice library. Let us develop the habit of keeping the book in the same place from where we took it. Lot of time we waste in searching for the book we frequently read!!!
-My high school teacher in fifties used to tell a joke about an Englishman who seeing a washer man washing a cloth by striking against a stone slab as we used to do it earlier which is continued in many parts even today notwithstanding the washing machines have come into stay: “I saw a fool of an Indian trying to break a big stone with a small piece of cloth!!!” May be true also- not a simple joke?
Almost all the houses we have Washing Machines –very advanced in these days. How I wish I learn to operate the machine even if someone there at home to do this work daily! Knowledge of operation becomes essential whenever we have to do it once in a while.
Many a time, SMALL unpleasant words spoken or written leads to BIG
misunderstanding and ultimately to enmity. It is, therefore, imperative that we take care of small words spoken or/and written!
One of the important subjects dealt with any Personality Development Program worth its name and exhaustively deliberated is ‘COMMUNICATION SKILLS’- spoken language, written language and body language all the three playing a significant rolet in communication skills. Great Tamil Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar has in his magnum opus “THIRUKKURAL” hs dealt with this in several chapters of ten couplets each: Sweet Words, (Ch.10), Avoid Slander (Ch.18), Against Vain Speaking (Ch.20), Veracity (Ch.30) and Power of Speech (Ch.65).
Unable to appreciate the UGLY EXHIBITION of POMP AND SHOW in a social festival like Deepavali three days ago, I poured out my feelings in my Blog with this introduction:
Good morning.It is “UGLY EXHIBITION” in Envius Thoughts today in for your kind and HONEST opinion.on this post. I am sorry if any one’s feelings are hurt. It is my personal conviction. Thanks.

A joyous occasion should have been alas- my Lord
“Joy of Giving Day –Deepavali” this day my God
Turned out to be a pompous show- vulgar and vain-pity
Soundest day it was-poor crows and dogs and their kin on run!
Sick and the old suffered not a little -worst pollution
Of sound and smoke- even the strongest could not stand the day
Could do nothing but cursing the young and their damn parents!
Children could not sleep or eat pathetic their parents
Weeping children’s cries- good Narakasura was killed!
Deepavali of late appears neither religious
Nor social but has become anti social and pompous!
Spending five hundred for hundred sounds- atrocious
Not once but fifty times- twenty five thousand drained in sounds!
Making the roads dirty with pieces of papers across
Giving respects scant to the “swachh bharat abhiyan”!
May God bring in some sense in the youth and their parents
Irresponsible to the core spending lavish, exhibiting
Their ugly wealth on crackers! Children in millions
Go without food and dress, engaged in child labor!
Old age homes full of inmates with half food or food less!
Here are people spending lavish in their food and clothes
Worst of all in CRACKERS- should be banned forever!
Self control and discipline have no place- unfortunate
Big stick may help- least concern for the neighbors- they hate!

I do not know when attention will be given in the society for this seemingly SMALL thing but actually BIG atrocious behavior!
“SMALL is beautiful” is a saying for long! BIG is not ugly! While a SNALL parrot is beautiful, BIG Elephant has its own beauty and attraction. A small rose plant is of course beautiful, a BIG tamarind tree is also beautiful and serves birds and men better with its shadow and fruits!
SMALL is small and BIG is big-each in the creation of Lord Almighty has its own beauty and purpose! Let us therefore ignore not SMALLS and extol BIGS!
The intention of this Sunday story is not in the nature of advices or suggestions, but simple expression of my experiences over the years!
Bye for this Sunday!



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,12,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 82nd  view at 14.40 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 21st October 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWELVE THOUSAND (1,12,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 946th day and 1014th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.

2 thoughts on “SMALL AND BIG!

  1. Sir ! Good Evening to you ! I was fortunate to take part in a “GROUP BHAJAN” yesterday !

    Today is your poem on ” BIG AND SMALL ” . It is a nice poem to know the values of small and big things in one’s life. Human Life is the Greatest Creation ! And is Rare to obtain !! are the finest words of description of life.

    Your description of life and its various roles are well explained and beautiful.

    Small things also play a major role in our lives.

    First to take care of is our Kitchen . After Mother, Wife plays. I really understand the value of small things in the Kitchen. Basic knowledge is essential and it comes to handy at times of need.

    I enjoyed very much the saying of your teacher ” I saw a fool of an Indian trying to break a big stone with a small piece of cloth”

    It is a stressed message for me to understand the value of small words spoken or written.
    They regulate our daily life .

    Your “UGLY EXHIBITION ” expressed your feelings. I fully agree with your views. Huge spending on crackers is unnecessary . Now I think of your earlier post “INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY” . The editorial picture shows a poor man’s hand with a morsel of food to fill the entire day.

    It is joyful to see a small parrot .

    It is also joyful to watch a big elephant .

    Therefore all the BIGs and SMALLs play their own role.

    Thanking you Sir for telling a big idea in a small way.

    Your Reader,



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