The  day, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned a cruel  day indeed is today
South African Mahathma Gandhi-so considered by the world to pay
Our respects and shower honors to the great and noble soul who worked
For the lowly, poor and downtrodden and for social justice- sacrificed!

A call by the United Nations Organization to the world
To serve the humanity! Call to prove the idea that one be bold
And each individual has the power to transform the world-impact
He has the ability to make on the people and society-a fact!

Call: Nelson Mandela fought for years sixty seven pretty long
Serve the society minutes sixty seven a day that will change strong
And bring together people around the world to fight poverty and
Promote peace, harmony and cultural diversity abound!

No wonder suffered for his boldness to go violent
Imprisoned several times- and on this day twenty fifth
October fifty five years ago- for treason-filth
And sabotage for years five but made for ‘life’ strict!

2 thoughts on “MANDELA’S IMPRISONMENT! 25th October 1962

  1. Sir , Good Morning to you on this noble remembrance day of Nelson who was imprisoned on this day !

    Today is not a pleasant day. It is a cruel day indeed ! He is called as SOUTH AFRICAN GANDHI !
    He worked for the poor and downtrodden. He worked for social justice. UNO’s call to serve the Humanity is great. UNO sends a strong motivational message to the world ” EACH INDIVIDUAL HAS THE POWER TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD”. He had been fighting for 67 years continuously. It is very great to imagine this long period of fighting !

    Now the poet says that 67 minutes per day is sufficient to serve the society for making it strong,peaceful and harmony. This is sufficient to fight against poverty !

    This day marks the 55th year of his imprisonment. He was imprisoned for NO VALID REASON ! BUT HIS LIFE WAS FULL OF LOVE AND AFFECTION to the the people who deserved most.

    He is remembered even for today because of his noble involvement for a NOBLE TASK !.

    Thanking you Sir for sharing a noble thought today. !




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