India that is Bharath and its ‘sanathana dharma’ knows no age
Evolution it was: became fragments several over years –in cage
Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, Chieftains, wars and counter wars-my God
United India became a reality with Freedom at midnight!

It was for Vallabhai Patel first Deputy Prime Minister
Iron man to bring all the States of different hue and colors
Into one Union of Indian States with vision and a mission
Succeeded –States new were carved on the basis of languages!

On this day in nineteen fifty six were born Tamilnadu, Andhra,
And Karnataka were born to the linguistic satisfaction of all
Of course there is a free movement of all Indians –language not a bar
I am Indian first and last- though I speak languages different-at par!

2 thoughts on “STATES WERE BORN!

  1. Good morning Sir ! I am glad to know ‘TAMIL NADU” our home land was born on this day in the year 1956,
    the year I was born.

    As you stated there existed plenty of Kingdoms. As you stated Plenty of wars. Sanadhana Dharma has no age. It is a huge surprise to me OUR BHARATH is a unique country lives in unity in diversity.

    Sardar Patel takes credit to form UNION OF INDIA in to many states as per languages. So he became IRON MAN of India.

    Very Happy to know that four states were born on this day in the year 1956.

    We are PROUD to be Indians.

    Thanking you Sir,



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