ALL SOULS DAY is today.



All living beings created by the Lord Almighty
Have to make their exits one day however mighty
‘Born to die and die to born ’way of the world all over
Right it is to remember the dead and gone for ever!

Practice of all religions is to remember the dead
On the day of death each year-, in India Pitru Paksha,
The Chinese Ghost Festival, the Japanese Bon Festival.
The Roman custom was that of the Lemuria.

On this day Christians all over visit Churches, cemeteries
Offer food to the departed souls- relatives, ringing bells for
The dead to comfort, sharing of soul Cakeswith the poor
Gave the dead respite from hunger, lighting candles to kindle
Light for the dead souls in the darkness! Beliefs indeed
Never to be questioned but honored and followed!

2 thoughts on “ALL SOULS DAY is today.

  1. Good Morning Sir !

    Today is ALL SOULS day ! Yesterday in Toronto it was “HALLOWEEN DAY”

    I took birth on the specified date and I have to leave the Body on any day specified by the Almighty.
    No one is spared. It is a fact that even the ALMIGHTY can not grant BOON for an ever living BLISS !

    Everyone in the world irrespective of religion remembers forefathers on the specified occasions.
    Lighting a candle removes darkness and it lights the departed soul. Those specified occasions are the peace giving days to us and to seek ETERNAL BLISS from our departed dears.

    Thanking you Sir ,




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