FRIEND OF TREE Part 2-Banyan tree!


The tree in Kadiri near Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh!

In the creation of God. the Lord Almighty
Great plants and trees , leaves and fruits, stems and trunks mighty
All over the world, all over the hills and plains
Varieties in thousands- valuable in crores!

Here is a banyan tree my friend today and ever
Divinity we see in the tree-of high repute!
Asked the Divine tree: gigantic I am have you seen?
Told I: Biggest guinness record holder in Kadiri!

“Thimmamma Marrimanu” near Kadiri,
Canopy covering nineteen thousand square meters
Recorded as the largest tree in the world
In the Guinness Book of World Records in!

You are the seat of Lord Shiva, I bow in reverence!
Said the Banyan: Under me the world resides!
On me birds of all kinds and varieties, monkey too!
Under my shade devotees take food and rest!


Thimmamma Marrimanu is the largest, known tree in the world by area of canopy coverage.

7 thoughts on “FRIEND OF TREE Part 2-Banyan tree!

  1. A great thought today about BANYAN tree !

    With your kind grace, I see the famous tree,

    A great tree with wide range of branches.

    Great homes for the birds.

    Great shelter for the man kind.

    A holy seat for LORD SIVA !

    Sir ! I am happy to see the EAGLE in your post after many days. It is showing its grace on us.

    Thanks Sir !




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