Indira Gandhi’s Birthday 19/11/1917

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in deep thinking .

Born to guide the destiny of my Motherland-
India that is Bharath-great and holy land
Born as a noble daughter to a noble father
On nineteenth November nineteen Seventeen!

At a critical juncture in Indian history
Stood like a rock and brought discipline among all
While many failed, she made the nation straight and tall
Grateful people remember her services – not small!

National Integration Day is today- her birth day
Need of the day as fissiparous characters
Raise their heads to make the honest people down theirs
Patriotic people should raise themselves above all!

2 thoughts on “Indira Gandhi’s Birthday 19/11/1917

  1. Good Afternoon Sir !

    Our prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s birth day is celebrated as NATIONAL INTEGRATION DAY .
    Your poem is as strong as the stubbornness of our late Prime Minister.

    One of the tense situation was EMERGENCY and that was bold fully faced and led by her. Listening to her
    speech is very much sweet and interesting. I think of the motivational letters of Nehru Ji to his lovely daughter Indira Ji. I read the letters written to her and those are really extraordinary ones.

    She was a bold leader. She gave her BLOOD for our nation.
    Her soul is not an ordinary one. A respected SOUL today !

    Let us all celebrate this day with cheer and proud.

    Thanks Sir,




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