Great India that is Bharat- holy Motherland of stature
Has its ways of living and worshiping noble Mother nature
Tomorrow is Pongal day-makara Sankaranthi- holy day
For all when the Sun deemed to be God worshiped by all for His grace!

A great day is tomorrow to thank the SUN GOD
The giver of love and light, power and strength
End of harvest season bringing cheers and joy
Plenty of paddy and sugar cane to enjoy!

Agriculture sustains the world and people
Agriculturists sacrificing their all
For you and me deserving our thanks and praise
Let us keep their joy as ours and make them rise!

Let on this day our prayers go for the world
To prosper! Its welfare and peace goal golden!
Forget not the animal friends who serve us
All through in their own way without making fuss!

Bull fight, rekla race, ruse fight-depict not valor
Sure inflicting on the dumb beings a terrible torture!
To me the Tamil, my tradition and culture taught me more
Showing love to all living beings-humans and animals, sure.

2 thoughts on “PONGAL DAY IS TOMORROW 14th January

  1. Very Nice Morning Sir.

    Happy Pongal to you Sir.

    I pray Sun God,

    to give me light,
    to show my path.
    to give life to my Cow and baby cow,
    to harvest our paddy field,
    to dry our wet clothes,
    to wake up the universe,

    to remove the darkness of my ignorance,
    Thank you SUNGOD,
    Thank you Sir,

    G Vasu


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