Mrs. Renuka Subbaraman, Mr. N V Subbaraman and Mr.KVVS Prasad

Out of innumerable viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS there are a few who regularly give a response often quite inspiring and make the Blog continue despite the strain and stress involved in maintaining the Blog with a daily posting.
Mr. K V V S Prasad was my colleague when I was with LIC of India, a great Organization from which I retired almost 17 years ago. We served together in Kadapa Division of Andhra Pradesh. After his superannuation he is settled in his native town Vishakapatnam. He is one of the communicating viewers and this Sunday story gives his responses to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS which I am sure will prove an interesting read. This is the Part V and the Part IV was posted in the Blog on 21/5/2017.


Your posts are pouring in. Knowledge is overflowing. Our comprehension is not in that pace truly. Varied subjects historical events, sports, music, intellectual galore.

The year began with a note on world music, it’s variety and depth. This followed by a welcome to the new year set the tone.

KattaBomman the warrior’s birthday is a fact to be commemorated and an event to be celebrated. He has a fabulous page in Freedom moment.

Newton’s birthday on the other hand has a page in the development of science in the later years.

Joan of Arcs sacrifice is again an event to be commemorated and her role in freedom of France is an act of shivelry.

Shivagnanam sir’s views are informative.

Galileo’s discoveries are fundamental for development of astro physics.

Tagore’s Gitanjali in Tamil is a noble beginning.

Note on Chennai’s first Assembly at St Fort George is interesting.

Your note on Traffic pollution Pity or atrocity is thought provoking.

Kodikattha Kumar day is interesting -. as regards a visionary mission in shaping a Cotton Garment city. Great.

Swami  Vivekananda is always an inspiration for the youth. He is still a mantle for the young generation .His life is an example for preservation of values , tradition and culture India beholds.

Pongal is Traditional and a preservator for our heritage.

Thyagaraja  pancharatna Kristi’s, their first translator (in any Indian language ),your distinction, Nehruji and Dr  Kalam’s involvement and their appreciation are always matters close to my heart and I congratulate you Sir whole heartedly.

Thiruvalluvar’s day is a commemoration of the great poets words of wisdom .

And the tale of the blogger is the tale of Sri Subbaraman as regards to his tenacity of purpose and the path he chose in the areas of his interest and equally  the enlightenment of many who have the advantage of enjoying the fragrance (Vidya gandham) in one basket !

Have a Super Sankranthi Sir!


Two Milestone viz the 1008 the day of envious thoughts , highly sacred number as defined and the 118000 views crossed since inception, a noteworthy distinction – reflect the interest generated over years!

My congratulations to you sir! Pl go Strong!

JC Bose Birthday is a reminder of the great scientist!

Milad un  Nabi is a day valuable to our Muslim brethren commemorating the birthday of the Prophet!

Nice note SIR!


Congratulations on the coveted mile stone.

Atrocities as mentioned in your article against women, children etc is n affront on civilization and your concern on the reflection of state of affairs is understood

Achievements of you and Nivetha’s for finding a place in the book of rewards is taken with happiness.

Your distinction as a regular blogger in English and Tamil poetry is a matter of joy and your excellence is unparalleled.

As rightly opined by you, you are a crusader (my assessment) in your own right writing ,writing and writing on matters of concern , with least expectation in return ,except a feedback.

Nice day Sir!

Your message is timed 4.59AM. So early

for blissful others ,so natural for you Sir! This habit of utilizing your time ,in contrast with others’ excuses of having no time ,is again an in built quality inherited from your noble father!

13/10/17.There is happiness and happiness alone. The joy of giving day, Diwali, multiplies the happiness. Soundless Diwali will enhance quality of life. Children feel happy for crackers and sparkles. Safe Diwali is the need of the day. Happy Diwali Sir

. Your conversation with birds is another gem in your khajana of poems and glittering!. Bats, bulbuls, doves and ducks are friendly with you. You are afraid of eagles and falcons!

You dared the cormorants, cuckoo’s, crows and cranes made  friendly promise to emu to visit her next , praised the flamingo for its beauty without any element of envy (though coaxed) and finally spread love through your conversation with your bird.

Speaking to flowers, Speaking to birds are the finest of your poems ,simple, easily understood, beautiful and above all spread message of love and compassion the world needs immensely now.

Excellent Sir!


Congrats first for the land mark.

What a wonderful conversation with flowers. What a great idea . It is reminiscent of the Great Ghantasala’s song called Pushpavilapam , a poetic piece of Jandhyala Papaya Sastry . There the cruelty of men and women towards flowers was depicted. Here the virtues of flowers perhaps can be named as pushpavilasam is depicted . Great to know that the conversation is fragrant and thought-provoking.  Interesting!


Congratulations Sir for 1000th post and pl.go strong in this sacred duty of enlightenment.


Rose is always a rose. Variety of roses, king’s and queens of flowers, with varieties of colors, give immense pleasure to the eye and nose. Great is the exuberance of roses. Human path is always not rosy, with thorns beneath is the common usage of wisdom. ChaCha used to wear it stylishly and children loved both.

Thanks for the floral Greetings on a thoughtful day SIR


. Great leaders were in cell fighting for freedom and present generation are chained and another freedom fight (from cell) needed for their liberation.


Nine- Nine
The day so fine!
Parts of speech nine
Planets controlling us nine!
Your narration simply fines
A feeling difficult to define!
A mix of honey and wine !


Sri OKR Shivagnanams’ review of NVS thoughts is as educative as are thoughts. He is a constant and and continuous reader .His reviews reflect his interest, command on the subject, intuition and creativity. Added to this they are on day today basis which makes the readers pleasant . Good post and good day Sir


Good morning Sir  CPC meet details are interesting.  The cool and lucid deliberations that sent on on a  very hot Summer  mornings are really really relieving and reliving! Sister Nivetha’s entry as an young poet is the apple of the eye.  Her poem on summer is interesting. Your presentation On the Marvel the truth is marvelous and truthful. Let there be many more educational meets like these in future too.


Tale of a blogger is primarily your hard work and pains taken. The response is absolutely a reflection of your hard work coupled with interest generated amongst the readers on the varied topics posted. It is a concise of intellectual information.

The extent of readership, the penetration into the continents, the mile stones achieved are natural sequels to this saga of sacrifice(of time, energy, mind and body, resources to name a few). I wish you lot more energy and medhas in this saga of enlightenment. Namasthe.


Weeds which are useful for healthy growth of life , unique and different from the normal view that weeds are to be weeded — is well brought in your weed appreciation day!

Ugadi is a festival of celebration and most reverted by Telugu people.

The sprout of Freedom moment is the rise against Roulette Act which is well brought in your article.

The black holes in the Galaxies and their eternal fall and raise is interesting – in the Universe a chariot on the move

Eiffel tower is an engineering marvel and  a monument of love.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever .These lines are immortal and exist as long as the mankind exists!

Nice thoughts  Sir !

We have covered the period upto  15/1/2018. I am sure the observations of Shri KVVS Prasad are quite absorbing.
Thanks for your patronage of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and I look forward for the same in the days, months and years to come!!!!!

We shall meet tomorrow!

Shri KVVS Prasad with the blog author


  1. Vasudevan Nice Morning Sir.
    I have gone through the Sunday Story to day. Sunday’s Prasadam is distributed by your friend KVVS PRASAD. Prasadam is tasty. Cooked well and it is easily eaten without any difficulty.
    His words are simple and highly thought worthy! They are precise and handled intelligently.
    Thanks Sir!


    G Vasu


      1. Today is a great day for me, as I had an opportunity to go through your blog and KVVS Prasad with you. B.R.Hanumantharayappa Bangalore


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