My pretty dogs my companions in the morning three walk
Youth world we have a great walking track in the colony park!
My great friends around wonder how I manage the dog menace
You are with me as if you are in the garden of my terrace!

Dog,Oh,Dogs! Whitey, blackey, browny pets so nice and so kind
You receive me in the ground with  a full throat-ed bark nice sound
An hour later you see me off with a bark in chorus
In God’s creation you are one of His choicest focus!

Can you tell me why you move from place to place so frequently?
Why not you sleep at least for an hour in a place peacefully?
Why do you bark at strangers as if they have come as thieves?
Why do you bark at your own clan coming  in your side-it grieves!


4 thoughts on “DOG-Oh! DOG.

  1. Good Afternoon Sir!

    Happy Morning walk hours to your company. A great companion to you at 3!
    When I have the fortune to see you, I will definitely see your companion.
    Your talk with your pet companions are highly tasty.
    Oh! God! Thank you for your wonderful creations as our companions.

    Thank you Sir for having reminded about our nice thankful companions.


    G Vasu


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