“Can you tell me why you move from place to place so frequently?
Why not you sleep at least for an hour in a place peacefully?
Why do you bark at strangers as if they have come as thieves?
Why do you bark at your own clan coming  in your side-it grieves!”

Questions four I asked my pets on the other day during
My walk in our Youth World track at three in the morning
My practice since long for decades two! God made the dogs ponder
The questions above; neither I could believe nor you -a wonder!

This morning none of the six received me with a bark nor when
I left at four; they were at peaceful sleep for an hour-none
Moved a bit except one awake keeping watch of the others;
It never moved from its place nor had a bark!THANKS ‘DOG,OH! DOG!

May look odd, funny and unbelievable for those who see
Many a time facts-though temporary-hard to believe-free!



2 thoughts on “THANKS ‘DOG,OH! DOG’ !

  1. Very Nice Afternoon Sir!

    All the dogs could sleep except one.
    Other day you wanted that dogs should sleep at least for an hour. Today you could find that the dogs were sleeping comfortably. Your question is answered practically.
    The lone dog, without moving from its place, could watch you silently.
    Dinner for all of our pets might have been heavier. They might need extra relaxation to resume normality.
    The pictures are enjoyable and lovely.
    Thanks Sir!


    G Vasu


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