Charles Dickens birth day 7th February 1812

In God’s wonderful creation millions of men and women
Are born – born to live and die as ordinary women and men
Some are indeed make a mark and live for ever in hearts of all
In the fields different, stamp their feet strong and ever stand quite tall!

One Charles John Huffam Dickens born this day in eighteen twelve
English writer created the world’s best- characters to dwelve
The greatest novelist of the Victorian age-father in a
Debtors prison’-Charles left school and worked in a factory.

Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Tale of two Cities, Oliver Twist
Some of his creations immortal- Fifteen novels, five novellas betwixt,
Hundreds Of short stories and articles, campaigned for children’s Rights,
Education and social reforms- let us salute the great!.



2 thoughts on “Charles Dickens birth day 7th February 1812

  1. Very Nice Morning Sir!

    Great writer’s birthday is today.
    Tale of two cities, Oliver Twist, David Copper Field, are the famous novels which I studied.
    Great is the birthday of Charles Dickens!
    Thanks Sir!

    G Vasu


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