The great creation of the Lord Almighty indeed is fantastic
The world and its living beings -human and animals-wholistic
Ever to be grateful by living in peace and harmony with all
Surely human beings- greater role to play and become quite tall!

“International Polar Bear day’ is tomorrow- a day to enjoy
Polar Bear a wonderful creation –awesome look, to protect!
A gem in the animal kingdom the world has seen nice
Sure to the animal lovers a  delicious spice!

Surviving  in the arctic environment joyfully
Weighing around five hundred kilograms quite heavy
With a life span of fifteen to eighteen years they live
Females normally giving birth to twins looking alike!

Belonging to the vulnerable, endangered species
Polars prey on both ringed and bearded seals across their range
Taking other prey when available- manage food chain
A great creation of nature and God not causing pain!

Polar bear, kiddies friend and playing mate
Ever ready to make them smile, laugh and skate!
Kiddies find pleasure in asking:
“Polar bear, polar bear what do you do here?”
Happily it replies as if it is so near!
“I hear children
Growing like a polar bear,
Roaring like a lion,
Snorting like a hippopotamus
Fluting like a flamingo
Braying like a zebra
Hissing like a boa constrictor
Trumpeting like an elephant,
Snarling like a leopard
Yelping like a peacock,
Bellowing like a walrus!”
Weeping kiddies laugh,
Laughing children jump with joy!!


2 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL POLAR BEAR DAY! 27th February.

  1. Very Nice Morning Sir!

    The Almighty is kind enough to give shelter and food to all living beings.

    A nice interesting Video is attached. Polar bear teaches love and affection to us to follow in our lives.
    Weighing 500 kgs with a span of 15 years and females give birth to twins which look alike.
    They are not dangerous to us. They are kid friendly.

    International Polar Bear day is today.
    Let us celebrate it with our kids and share moments of joy.

    Thanks Sir!

    G Vasu


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