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“World Health Day” is today the seventh April to take note
And observe to awaken ourselves and the world to
Take care of our HEALTH as “HEALTH IS WEALTH” -the adage goes right
If health is lost something sure is lost not to be allowed!

Sponsored by the World Health Organisation -this year
Two thousand and eighteen has the thoughtful theme: quite clear
“Universal Health Coverage”- health coverage need be
Extended to the entire world-the people to live in peace!

in this fast food days- no time to stand and stare at things good
Early getting up, having a morning walk brisk and silent
Taking healthy food and not junk young or old on time-
Drinking plenty of water and sleeping on time at night
May help keeping good health as experienced by many indeed
Let the world make efforts honest and earnest bound to succeed!

Image result for Images for World Health day 7/4/2018.

2 thoughts on “WORLD HEALTH DAY!

  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    Great thought today!
    World Health Day!
    If health is lost, something is lost. Why to lose our health knowingly!
    You have given excellent tips for maintaining good health.
    Early to raise. Brisk walk.
    Drinking plenty of water.
    Eating to live. A good sleep.
    Useful tips for keeping our health without any deterioration.
    Let this day bring good health to all of us!

    Thanks Sir,


    G Vasu


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