Submarine Day – April 11, 2018

Today the Eleventh April two thousand eighteen
Deemed as SUBMARINE DAY” in the United States-keen
To think of the role played by the Submarines nice
To save the nations as a part of Navy- all over!

Submarine a large, crewed underwater vessel
Primarily used during world war one, used by navy
Also used in military, research, search-and tourism
And-rescue missions, undersea cable repairs, archaeology!

The submarine a variety of sandwich, long bread
Filled with meat and vegetable-it resembles
The shape of the underwater recollecting
The anniversary of first commissioned submarine!

Image result for Image of the Submarine sandwich

2 thoughts on “SUBMARINE DAY 11th April.

  1. Nice Afternoon Sir!
    Submarines Day is today!
    Let us Salute the the Navy, all around the globe for safeguarding us from the dangers of the SEAS!
    Un der water vessel is a nice term used by you.
    Sea food is so many in varieties. There are millions and millions depend on Submarines!
    A great day of thought Sir.


    G Vasu


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