12/4 World Aviation and Cosmonautics day

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A great day today the twelfth of April-to celebrate
Aviation and Cosmonautics Day – a day to deliberate
First ever flight of human in space!In nineteen sixty one
Soviet first lieutenant Yuri Gagarin orbited -fine
The Earth on board “Vostok” spacecraft for the first time
In history opening the era of manned space missions in rhyme!

This is a special day of science triumph, a day of all
Involved in aerospace industry, a day of conquering tall
The near-Earth space, proud of achievements of cosmonauts
Those interested in prospects of space programs development!

Let us congratulate on this day all professionals
And fans of cosmonautics and aviation specialists
Wishing them a space health and hitting star heights!

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2 thoughts on “12/4 World Aviation and Cosmonautics day

  1. Nice Afternoon Sir!
    World Aviation day is today.
    The day reminds us the year 1961!
    The day reminds us Yuri Gagarin,
    The reminds us that First man in the Space,
    The day brings the memory of Soviet Union!
    This day has brought torch light to all space activities!
    How many countries!
    How many Spacecrafts!
    Research goes on and on.
    Yesterday was SUBMARINES DAY.
    Today is SPACE DAY!
    Thank Sir!

    G Vasu


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