16/4. Emancipation day

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Man is born free but everywhere in chains rightly observed!
God-the Lord Almighty- creator of the Universe-planned
To make all the living beings – humans and animals, trees
And plants, seas and tanks live in peace and harmony- very free!

Man in his arrogance and ego, power of body and mind
Knows not the purpose of HIS creation-in his own strength-unkind
Began to explore and exploit the human weaknesses and
Brought in slavery- to serve the strong and defeat GOD’s command!

EMANCIPATION DAY is today the sixteenth April- nice
Commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people.
Abolition of serfdom and servitude, brutality
Slaves endured; thank God all came to an end in totality!

Image result for emancipation day 2018-India


4 thoughts on “16/4. Emancipation day

  1. Yes, to sum up, man’s inflated ego, clouds his judgment. Gives up his legitimate freedom and enslaves himself to the mighty, often compromise his values. A disgrace!


  2. Nice Afternoon Sir!!

    You gave a thought on AVIATION!

    You gave a thought on SUBMARINES!

    Today you give a thought about this EARTH, which has RUDE COMMANDERS and VOICELESS PEOPLE.
    God has created everyone equally. A man can’t boost himself of his birth or of his wealth.
    A final word of yours is fine in capturing my mind. ” THANK GOD, ALL CAME TO AN END IN TOTALITY!

    Thanks Sir,


    G Vasu


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