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WORLD MALARIA DAY is today the twenty fifth April
With the year’s Theme-“READY TO BEAT MALARIA”- still
Remembering the last year’s Theme-“End malaria for Good”
With the next year’s -WE CAN DO TOGETHER”-absolute need!

United Nations sponsored day- planning for investing in
Proven tools, diagnosis and treatment for its disappearance
Some of the defensive techniques to provide insecticide
Treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying of insecticides,
And therapies for pregnant women and children to fight Malaria!
All we need is to close the gap to fight against the menace!

Spread by malarial mosquitoes as individuals
We have to make efforts to keep the environs clean
Not allowing stagnant water here and there every where sure
awakening the peoples conscience through social media-pure!

Image result for world malaria day 2018 theme

2 thoughts on “WORLD MALARIA DAY 25th April.

  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    World Malaria day is today!
    Oh! Mosquito! Sorry, we don’t want to celebrate your birthday today! We want your complete absence from this earth!
    I know a day will come where we find you NOWHERE!

    Oh! Mosquito! Go to any of the planet and leave us soon.
    Save our children!
    We will not allow you to stay here by giving adequate shelter! We will not allow the water to stay in the places where you need shelter!

    We will beat Mosquitos out sir!
    Thanks Sir!


    G Vasu


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