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Fire is essential for all in the world for life and living
Irrespective of climate, region or religion- for leading
A life of comfort! In Hinduism in fact revered as God
Propitiated in ‘homa’ for all occasions as Lord!

The same fire can cause calamity of the worst order at times
Home or office, factories or forests -FIRE GOD ferocious
Fire fighters plunge into action sacrificing lives many a time
Rightly said better to PREVENT FIRE instead of FIRE FIGHTING later!

INTERNATIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS DAY is today the fourth of May
To highlight the sacred job fire fighting force is engaged in
All over the world!Let us all learn to respect FIRE GOD and handle
In a way that fire fighters are not thrown to the challenge of fighting!

Image result for Images for International Firefighters day 2018


  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    International Fire Fighters day is today!

    Fire is essential for living. Our body requires a constant temperature (98.4 F) to maintain health. The more is the temperature, fever becomes serious.
    Fire is revered as GOD and Homam is performed even in the conduct of HINDU Marriages! Agni stands as a witness to the marriage!
    Kumbakonam school fire and Srirangam marriage hall fire can not be easily forgotten! Fire is witnessed in Renganathan Street quite often! There are mountains vomiting fire always. Forest also emits fire!
    Precautions are to be taken to safeguard men and materials!
    A GREAT SALUTE to all the fire fighters today!

    Thanks Sir!


    G Vasu


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