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R. K. Laxman on Jawaharlal Nehru.

What a great art and science is CARTOON-ISM the world witnesses
To convey messages good or bad through cartoons skill-expresses
Cartoonists a special group of journalists world lucky to have
We wish the specialists a glorious service to society!

NATIONAL CARTOONISTS DAY is today the fifth May-a great day
To highlight the services noble rendered to the reading public
Magazines or newspapers carry the cartoons for decades
And centuries since middle ages when the idea conceived!

Best known for his creation The Common Man, RK Laxman
Renowned cartoonist from Times of India. his daily cartoon
Keshav and Surendra of Hindu today versatile cartoon journalist!
Let us wish all the cartoonists of the past and present all the best!

A few of the cartoons of Ms. Nivetha of the then 11th standard in a famous school in Chennai.(tpday she is a BCA student)

Here are a few of her sister Ms. Swetha of 6th standard of another school in Chennai.


3 thoughts on “NATIONAL CARTOONISTS DAY May5th

  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    Cartoonists day is today!
    Beautiful cartoon is displayed at top, by R K Lakshman, shows our Nehru Ji. Nice Show!
    Nice Show of cartoons by Ms. Nivetha and her sister, Swetha! Greater skills are displayed!
    Cartoons make us to think and laugh! Many cartoons are used to guide us in public places without causing confusion!
    Cartoons tell the stories to our kids very intelligently!
    Without cartoons, communication process is NOT complete.
    Best wishes to all the cartoons all around!

    Thanks Sir!

    G Vasu


  2. It used to be said that Nehru ji enjoyed and admired the great cartoonists, even to the extent at his own cost. There were instances when he himself happened to be a subject for satire. A great democrat !


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