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Many a flower blossom sans seen by any and wither
In wilderness alas!God’s wonderful creations better
To be seen and enjoyed by all for its scent and color
man must have eyes and nose-ears and tongue to spread!

Many an unknown poet and author write and write all times
Keep them unread by any! They die unwept, unsung and unhonored!
Biographers are the need of the day to bring them out to open
National Biographers Day is today-sixteenth May!

A day to admire them who teach us about the famous people
Give us an impression into their lives via the biographies.
Biographies for children is the best way to explain history
Of people and their accomplishments in life.Day to honor!

Image result for National Biographers day 2018

2 thoughts on “NATIONAL BIOGRAPHERS DAY-16th May.

  1. Nice evening Sir!
    National Biographers day is today!
    Yes. Sir, there are many flowers that blossom in the morning and wither in the evening. They could not be seen by anyone and therefore can not be praised.
    You have said it in a beautiful poetic way : A man should spread his eyes, nose-ears and tongue to know, see and feel about.
    Biographies can really teach children to acquire morales.
    Biographies form the history!
    Thanks Sir

    G Vasu


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