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In the great creation of Lord Almighty -my beloved God,
Roof and crown of creation being man with his healthy body
Each part having its own duties and responsibilities
For peace and harmony within the man’s healthy life and living!

Blood flow through the body- to every inch important factor.
World Hypertension Day is today seventeenth May-
To raise our awareness about the hypertension, preventive
Measures and complications! Noble and great intention and a theme!

The theme for the year: “Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing
High blood pressure awareness in all populations around the world”.
Equally important to decrease the high blood pressure and keep
In admissible range-through yoga and diet not with tablets!

Image result for world hypertension day 2018

2 thoughts on “WORLD HYPERTENSION DAY-17th May

  1. Nice Morning Sir!

    World Hypertension day is today!
    Blood pressure has become famous to celebrate it today!
    Oh! Blood!
    Different names to you, A, B, and O. You are positive and You are negative.
    You become more to create more problems and less to make us weak.
    Your duty is to run all over the body.
    Make sure you run all over so as to ensure good functioning of all the parts.
    Oh! I pray YOU to run normally in all of us. This is my request on this special day.
    Thank you,
    Thank You NVS Sir,
    G Vasu


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