COLOR T V DAY-25th June

color TV day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

Technological advancement greatest boon to the society
Days were there when man was confined to his work, home and sleep without
Any entertainment! Theaters appeared -for the people
To spend time enjoying the white screen for hours a couple!

Came the great Radio big and small-as sister and transistor
To enjoy music and talks, dramas and news the whole day and night!
Only for ears and nothing for the eyes! Came the Television
Great indeed entertainment, getting knowledge all round at home!

Black and white it was and then thanks to great technology today
We have color television-nice and cool-all times from many
Channels-young and old to enjoy-observing cricketers in blues
COLOR T V DAY is today the twenty fifth June! Thank Scientists!

color TV day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,52,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 165th  view at 13.15 hrs today viz Monday  the Twenty Fifth (25th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY TWO THOUSAND (1,52,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1214th day and 1267th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

2 thoughts on “COLOR T V DAY-25th June

  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    Very Happy to know that today is color TV day!
    You have looked back the history. Dramas on the stage, balck and white TV and thereafter Color TV.
    Every house has a TV, just like the basic needs, food, clothes etc.
    If TV goes off, we feel someone’s absence at our house!
    There are many entertainments!
    Today I am able to see the Kumbhabisekam at the temples of Theni!
    What a great invention to mention!
    Thanks Sir,
    G Vasu


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