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National-Camera-Day is today June twenty ninth
Commemorating photographs, camera, invention.
Camera is irreplaceable tool to record memories,
Events, people and places.Great invention indeed!

Earlier to the Camera, documenting through painting
Very few who can perfectly capture the image in drawing.
Camera provides simple, fast inexpensive solution.
Today we have camera- mobile on hand revolution!

George Eastman was “The Father of Photography,” brought
Camera to the masses and invent many additions that improved
Use, ease, and production of the camera, making it
widely available to homes around the world.

Original camera was large and bulky but
Today it as small as a pen with many features attractive
Making them appealing to all ages for use.
To celebrate the day snap a picture we enjoy!


Image result for national camera day images

2 thoughts on “NATIONAL CAMERA DAY June 29th

  1. Nice evening Sir
    Click III camera was a pet to me and this day reminds me of olden, golden days. For washing and printing, the shops took at least two days!
    Nowadays, instantly, photos are given, with fine finishing!
    Cellphone is used for multipurpose.
    Thanks to George Eastman, the Inventor!
    Today I could see NVS SIR, through Anna Nagar Times!
    Great Invention!
    Thanks Sir,
    G Vasu


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