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All living beings on earth fine creation of Lord Almighty
>Humans and animals, trees and forests, rivers and seas mighty
To play supplement and complement to each and all at all times
All have to enjoy harmonious joy and happiness,and  peace!

Pets play an important role to provide joy to the owners
Parrots and squirrels, cats and dogs are the pets of pet- lovers!
It is noble to adopt Calf of the cow as one’s pet in life
Calves of today are  cows of tomorrow-called GOMATHA fine!

Cows give  the nutritious milk – essential for young and old
The sick and poor! Every  individual house owner-bold
Can happily and the flat owners may be a question mark
Yet can try outside the building in the open space around!

In India- my Motherland-Bharath it is genuinely
Believe COW as  sacred one and mother for all rightly
Called GO MATHA-in whose body dwell hundreds of our Gods
With the pets we find pleasure in fondling with our palms.

More so with Cow’s calf-both find happiness- to provide our goal
One Swami will say-”Our religion is for giving maximum
Happiness to maximum people for maximum time”. Let us
Adopt the calf of the cow as pet and enjoy make it famous!

Cows and buffaloes friends of the farmers in our country great
Farmers provide us food with their agricultural products neat
Tractors are different-cows and buffaloes nothing to beat
Let us adopt calves and give to farming community later!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,54,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 23rd  view at 04.30 hrs today viz Thursday  the Fifth (05th) July 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND (1,54,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1223rd day and 1276th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

4 thoughts on “CALF OF COW-NICE PET!

  1. Nice Morning Sir!
    It is very nice to have a thought today!
    I enjoyed the Calf’s running in my boyhood days. The new born used to run faster and it so happens that it happens to go to the neighbouring houses with quick jumps. The neighbor mami used to indirect shouting! The innocent calf did nothing wrong nor did it damage anything! What a sweet village life!!?

    Your words Supplimenting and Complimenting captured my thoughts!
    In the same way lt is sweet to hear the words of yours ” A HARMONIOUS LIVING OF ALL BRINGS”
    Pets give us pleasure and relieves our pains.!

    A great thought!
    Thanks Sir,

    G Vasu


  2. Cow is not just an animal.that gives essentials for human beings. It is reverred as Godess in our great faith. Fourteen ‘Logas” are there in its stomach. Godess Mahalakshmi dwells in its ‘brashta bagam’ (rear). One can get rid of all his sins by providing fodder, particularly greens (agathikeerai).to a cow.

    On the other hand, anybody knowiengly or even unknowingsly commits or offend a cow, no prayachitham (remedy) is prescribed in our scriptures, Even in Manu smrithi.


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