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WORLD ZOONOSES DAY is today the sixth of July
Zoonoses the ailment transferred from animals freely
To human beings and at times vice versa unfortunate!
This Day  emphasizes,brings the problem awareness.

Being aware of this disease amongst people,
May help the people lead healthier life with scruple!
‘zoonoses’ refers to all disease, mild or dreadful
Transmitted from animal to human beings and vice versa.

Animal diseases great concern to humans
Diseases reduce productivity of animals
Produce food- hens and dairy cows. Animals
Raised as food- pigs and beef cattle that become ill.

Some animal diseases transmitted to humans
And control of these types of diseases, known as zoonoses.
Can be caused by all types of pathogens, viruses,
Bacteria and parasites with symptoms diarrhea and fever!

Image result for world zoonoses day 2018 theme

3 thoughts on “WORLD ZOONOSES DAY July 6th.

  1. Nice Afternoon Sir!
    A newly learnt term today – zoonoses.
    Diseases from animals to humans and vice versa!

    Care is to be taken to protect!

    A nice new thought!

    Thanks Sir,

    G Vasu


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