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Rightly said to forget is human and to forgive is divine!
Global Forgiveness Day is today-the seventh July-genuine
In the human nature, several things are done that harm others
Natural it is to get offended and nurture anger against doers!

This is a day to forgive and a day to be forgiven
People who forgive are happier and healthier than those resent.
Forgiveness is giving up of resentment or indignation
Or anger over an offence, disagreement, or mistake.

Every one in life knowingly or unknowingly commits
Wrongs- intentional or unintentional wrong is wrong
The whole society will be in disharmony -if not forgive
Let us with divine nature forget others wrong actions and forgive!

Image result for global forgiveness day 2018


4 thoughts on “GLOBAL FORGIVENESS DAY 7th July.

  1. Unintentional wrongs can certainly be forgiven.By forgiving intentional wrong doers we will be encouraging them to commit further mistakes.We are seeing everyday as to how intentional wrong doers and criminals facing even punishments, are preaching morals.These are not Gandhian or Jesus Christ’s days.Intentional wrong doers have to be certainly punished.


    1. May be TCSR you may be right in your own way. But Gandhian or the words of Jesus Christ are immortal and true for millenniums that can be followed.


  2. Nice evening Sir!
    What a nice day of thought today! I like it very much!
    To err is human and to forgive is divine!
    I need not show my ugly face if I forgive! What a nice and peaceful atmosphere is created if forgiven!
    This I have practically come across my working table!
    How many confrontations, unhappy situations and arguments I have avoided by forgiving!
    Even as my age grows and grows I should learn the art of forgiving in different fashions!
    A digested thought!
    Thanks Sir,
    G Vasu


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