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‘Sixth August forty five’ what a nasty day for the world
An Atomic bomb brought in a holocaust grave untold
Sufferings-two lakh people died In Hiroshima- Lord
And later in Nagasaki.World war two ended at huge cost!

God Almighty – Thee created the world to be at peace
And harmony. lord! Man in his great greed and needs with ease
With the aid of Nuclear weapons bring in destruction
In his nasty mode -most unfortunate- some justify!

Every August sixth- “A-Bomb Day”, Hiroshima holds
Peace Memorial Ceremony to console victims
Pray for the lasting world peace.in front of memorial
Cenotaph in its Peace Memorial Park-since Forty Seven!

Image result for hiroshima peace day

Japanese man rings the bell in The Children’s Peace Monument Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima

Envius Thoughts crosses 1 62 000 views.

I am  glad to share with  you all that Envius Thoughts has crossed overall view score of 1 62 000 (ONE LAKH SIXTY TWO THOUSAND) with 261st view at 23.55 hours yesterday-Sunday, the 5th August  in its 1307th post on 1254th day (1000 views in 89 hours) thanks to your encouragement and support . Kindly continue. Thanks

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