QUIT INDIA DAY August 9th.

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Great day is today in the history of our Freedom Movement
The Quit India Movement- India August Movement- movement
Launched at the Bombay Congress Session. Mahatma Gandhi on Eighth
August forty two gave a call to the British to QUIT INDIA!

Congress demanded an end to British Raj-their rule of India
Came to be known as “Quit_India_Movement”. The  Cripps Mission”
Failed, and on this day Gandhi made a call to “Do or Die”
In his”Quit India speech” in Bombay at the “Gowalia Tank” Ground!

“An Orderly British Withdrawal” from India.- was the demand
Ultimately led to their quitting and India that is Bharath
Got its freedom by midnight on the same month fifteenth day
Later by five years! We salute in reverence our Sathyagrahis!

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2 thoughts on “QUIT INDIA DAY August 9th.

  1. A great Morning Sir!
    Quit India day!
    Great day in the history of our nation.
    The picture, I could see our father addressing the mass, without any shirt. What a simple and a bold man he was!
    Quit movement paved the way for the slow withdrawal of British Forces!
    I am proud of our Great nation!
    Thanks Sir,
    G Vasu


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