August 17th PARSI NEW YEAR!

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India our holy homeland that is Bharath has religions
Many and the people following different faiths respect all!
Hinduism,Jainism, Zoroastrianism- born in this sacred land
Christianity, Islam adopted in this country fro other lands!

Unity in diversity- that is my Motherland
Languages, traditions, culture, climate all different
To others, people as such are never indifferent
Greatness of the teachings and preechings of our Seers great!

Today PARSI NEW YEAR- linked to Zorastrianism
Yearly renewal of everything in the Universe!
Maharashtra nd Gujarath- main States to observe sure
Special decorations in and out of the houses-pure!

After breakfast all together visit the Fire Temple
During the visit think of good and bad in the year
Resolve to do only good in the year new by HIS grace
Start the happy New Year with thoughts, words and deeds good to face!


Image result for Images for Parsi New Year 2018.


Envius Thoughts crosses 1 65, 000 views.

I am  glad to share with  you all that with the 156th view at 23.00 hours yesterday-Thursday, the 16th August  in its 1318th post on 1265th day,  Envius Thoughts has crossed overall view score of 1 65, 000 (ONE LAKH SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND)  thanks to your encouragement and support . Kindly continue. Thanks


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